Friday, March 9, 2007

Caribou WiFi blocks

So, the American Idol cuts last night were certainly interesting. I'm glad that Antonella and Jared are gone, and I'm glad that of my original list of favourites, only one (Sundance) didn't make the top twelve. I was surprised that Sabrina got cut, especially because I thought that Haley was totally un-memorable, but I'm also not terribly upset by any of the cuts so far, even though I really liked A.J. And the reason is that I don't think that any of the people who've been cut so far really had a shot at winning. Sabrina had a fantastic voice, but there's a very crowded field of women of colour with big, gorgeous voices, and hers falls a little short of LaKisha's and Melinda's. If LaKisha, Melinda, Stephanie, Jordin, and Sabrina were all in the top twelve, we'd have a lot of performances that were very similar to one another, and the comparisons would be inevitable and probably result in mass and early carnage among the female half of the top twelve.

I do think (and hope) that Haley and Brandon won't last long, as I still don't like either of their voices. And if Sanjaya doesn't pick it up, I hope he goes too. The thing is that secretly I still really like him and want him to do well, but by "do well" I don't mean "keep making it through based purely on his charm." I mean I want him to stand up and blow everyone away the way he did in the auditions and in Hollywood. I want him to earn his way to doing well. He hasn't done that yet and he's been coasting through on early popularity, good hair, and a big smile. But now that it's down to the top twelve, he had better step up his game, and he had better do it without the advice of his "loving" sister.

And the good thing about Sundance getting cut is now he can actually go home, spend time with his newborn son, and possibly even relieve his wife of some of her diaper-changing duties.

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