Friday, February 23, 2007

American Idol contestants I like, updated

I just discovered that those little pictures from the American Idol website of the top 24 contestants (the ones I used in my last entry) are actually links to little surveys that they all filled out. So I read them all. By the end (actually, very soon after the beginning), they all started to sound alike. To be fair, the questionnaire was not exactly creativity-inducing. But I just have to say that Sanjaya Malakar came near the end, which did not help him as my eyes were starting to cross by then. But then I read his survey. He was the only person to say that if he couldn't sing, the talent he would most like to have would be singing (the obvious answer). When everyone else said that something people would be surprised to learn about them was something deep and meaningful, he said that he can independently raise both corners of his upper lip. When other people talked about what a life-changing experience this was, he said that he's scared he'll never be able to go to the grocery store again without people recognizing him. And he didn't mention God once.

His performance last Tuesday sucked, but his survey has put him back on my list of American Idol Contestants I Like. At least until next Tuesday, when we'll see what happens.

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