Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Post is Not by Jess! Also: It is a SECRET!

Psst! Hey, psst! This is Swistle! I asked Jess if I could do a guest post on her blog that she would promise not to read, and she said yes. This is like that game where you close your eyes and fall backwards and hope for the!

As you know, Jess is getting married. It's under three months away now. And Pseudostoops and Alice and I thought we should all throw her a bloggy bridal shower.

We don't want to put the details here (Jess has double-pinky sworn not to read this post, but Scrolling Accidents can occur even when everyone has the best of intentions), but you can email me for more information: swistle at gmail dot com

Don't worry that you're going to be hit up for cash or something awk like that: when you first email me, I'm just going to send you the form letter that gives you more info. And as with all such things, with emails zooming around from people we've never emailed before, we'll all keep an eye on our spam filters to make sure we're not missing anything.

If you don't know Jess, if you just clicked over from someone else's blog, can you still participate? Please do, if you like this kind of thing! The more, the merrier! And may I recommend spending some time perusing her archives? She's a great writer, and also cool/interesting/fun. We're fond of her.

If you know Jess in real life, can you still participate, or is this just for bloggy people? It's not just for bloggy people! I think having real-life peeps participating will make it all the better. But all you people who know Jess in real life, keep a LID on it, will you? This is a SECRET! No dropping little hints!

I've turned comments off (or I HOPE I've remembered to turn comments off) so nothing will get emailed to Jess by accident. Email me, kbai, mwah!