Monday, September 10, 2007

The cost of technology.

I am so sick of hearing all those people who ran out and bought an iPhone the second it was unveiled complaining that the price has dropped. This article on CNN about how Steve Jobs is actually apologizing and Apple is offering a $100 credit to everyone who bought an iPhone before the price cut is pissing me off even more. People need to get over themselves. Anyone who was willing to spend $600 on the iPhone obviously knew what they were getting into. They were paying not just for the gadget, which was obviously overpriced, but for the cachet that comes with being the first to own it.

Everyone knows that technology innovations are always way overpriced when they're first introduced, and that their prices drop radically when the initial buzz wanes. Look at VCRs. And iPods. And any other fun gadget that made a splash when it first came on the market. The type of people willing to drop $600 on a gadget are exactly the type of people who knew full well that if they waited, they could get it for cheaper. But they didn't want to wait. And now they're whining because their exclusive moment in the sun didn't last for as long as they expected it to.

That's not how it works, damn it. If you pay $600 for an iPhone, it's because it was worth that much to you. It's all about supply and demand economics. If it wasn't worth $600 to you, then you shouldn't have spent $600 on it. And if it was worth $600 to you, then you shouldn't be whining, because you got what you wanted for your $600. Now get over it and stop whining just because Apple is doing what any sane company would do and trying to boost its holiday sales.


  1. I agree. That's just the way it is. If you have to be the first to have something, expect to pay more. I remember when Directv satellite dishes first came out, they were about $1,000. Now they pretty much give them to you with a free DVD player.

  2. This is EXACTLY what I thought! I mean, is that not the Way of the World?