Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Of brackets.

So, I filled out two NCAA brackets this year. First, I filled one out on Facebook, for fun. Then I did some research, looked at a bunch of predictions from various ESPN sports people, and filled out another bracket on Yahoo in order to participate in my office pool. As I was doing it, I wasn't sure that it was such a good idea, so I kept my original bracket on Facebook so that I could compare at the end and see which one had more points.

The end result:

Facebook - 1/4 with the Final Four, called Ohio State to win it all (wrong), 89 total points.
Office pool - 3/4 with the Final Four, called Florida to win it all (right), 161 total points.

So, I vaguely embarrassed myself to any Facebook friends who might have noticed that my original bracket sucked. But on the plus side, I came in first in my office pool. I'll take $300 over my Facebook dignity any day. I guess it's good I did my research.

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