Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What. The. Hell. is right

My coworker Matt passed on to me one of the most amusing articles I've read about this year's NCAA tournament (especially since UNC's tragic collapse against Georgetown on Sunday). It is an amazing tirade about the top 25 worst mascots amongst NCAA Division I schools. My personal favourite, from Tulane, lands only at number 20 on the list, but I think the photograph (complete with commentary) is worth sharing:

Also, while we're discussing NCAA Division I mascots, I do feel compelled to mention that Jason Ray, the guy who has played the UNC mascot, Rameses, for the past three years, was hit by a car a few hours before UNC's game against USC on Friday, and he died yesterday. And then UNC got eliminated from the tournament. What a bad weekend.

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  1. I think the Demon Deacons are by far the creepiest mascot out there. If the catholic priests weren't enough to scare you away from religion the Demon Deacon mascot will do the trick.