Thursday, February 8, 2007

They should just put Dannielynn in therapy now.

Anna Nicole Smith just died. Looks like it might have been suicide (maybe due to accumulated stress of the paternity dispute over her new baby, the lawsuit against her and TrimSpa, the recent death of her 20-year-old son, and the dispute over her house in the Bahamas). Although it seems that a lot of people are suspicious of her husband, too (Sidenote: Is he her husband? CNN says yes; Wikipedia says no and Entertainment Tonight refers to him as her "partner"). And Wikinews says that she had been feeling ill for at least a day. So who knows? I guess now we won't be hearing quite as much about the astronaut love triangle. Or about other, less important news, like the war.

Wow. That's crazy. And her baby is only a few months old. I guess now that paternity test matters more than ever, since the father will probably have custody of the child. Unless, of course, it turns out that she was killed by the baby's father.

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