Thursday, January 4, 2007

That ribbon is awfully cute.

I was alerted yesterday by my friend Jill to a very special event in college sports. Now, the only college athletic team I care about (aside from Smith, sort of... okay, not really) is UNC, and that's really only basketball. I have watched all of two football games ever in my life. And I have very little respect for cheerleaders.

But for those of you who have not been following the college football post-season, there was an amazing play at the end of the Fiesta Bowl, played between Boise State and Oklahoma. Boise State had forced the game into overtime after a game-tying touchdown with seven seconds left to play in regulation time. Boise State was trying for a two-point conversion (whatever that is—my guess is that it scores you two points). The quarterback faked a pass to a wide receiver, then sneakily handed the ball off under his arm to Ian Johnson, behind him. The wide receiver to whom the quarterback had faked the pass pretended to catch the ball and ran for the end zone, with most of the Oklahoma team chasing after him. Meanwhile, Johnson took the ball and ran it into the end zone with only one Oklahoma player following him. The two-point conversion was completed (I think), making the score 43-42 in favour of Boise State, thus giving them the Fiesta Bowl victory (is the Fiesta Bowl an important bowl? I have no idea). In his excitement, Johnson threw the football into the stands and jumped up and down.

But then—and this is obviously the best part—Johnson ran over to his cheerleader girlfriend (CG), got down on one knee, and proposed to her. You can see it in this amazing video. The CG, of course, is about a quarter of Johnson's size, and has a giant, perky white ribbon in her hair. You can't really hear what either of them is saying on the video, but you can see that she is about to cry, and that she jumps into his arms when he stands up, making them into one big, blended mess of blue and orange.

If I were hip, I would look down on this sort of thing. I would scorn it for being cheesy and make cynical comments about how this marriage won't last past the end of the next football season. If you read the comments on YouTube, that's what pretty much everyone else is saying. And part of me really wants to join in. But, tragically, more of me just thinks that this is just plain adorable. And I hope they stay married for 65 years and have piles of babies and grandbabies.

Okay, so I'm not nearly as cool as I thought I was.

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