Tuesday, May 21, 2013

16-week belly

Well, as promised, belly shots. First, here I am yesterday, at 16 weeks:

16 weeks

And here I am at seven weeks, same pregnancy:

7 weeks 

And for comparison, here I am at 16 weeks with Callum:

16 weeks 

So... yeah. The difference is noticeable, yes? I dug through my Callum photos and tried to figure out which one most closely resembles what I look like now. I decided it's this 22-week photo, but I generally seem to be carrying differently this time... maybe a little higher and rounder? Who knows, but there you go. 16 weeks pregnant and looking... well, pregnant. Enough that I got my first pregnancy comment from a stranger this weekend! Last time that didn't happen until at least 22 weeks. I will take it!


  1. You look amazing! I guess second babies really do show sooner?

  2. You look cute :)
    Love the photo bombing Montana!

  3. Wow- definite difference between pregnancies! You are looking great!