Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On my due date*

*Since people keep asking: Technically I hit 40 weeks yesterday. But my midwives have my due date listed as today. So let's just call it a 48-hour due date, shall we?

There seems to be a Friends episode to fit every occasion, right? And until I got pregnant, I would have thought that the one exception to this would be pregnancy. Because everyone knows that sitcoms absolutely fail at portraying a realistic pregnancy. And that's true! It totally is! Sitcom pregnancies are not realistic AT ALL.

For example, sitcom characters suddenly feel the baby kicking one day, yell out, "The baby just kicked for the first time!" and everyone gathers around and they can all feel it and it's magical and wonderful. Whereas in reality, at least for me, it was weeks of wait, was that a kick? Or a gas bubble? I think that was a kick. Oh god I haven't felt anything for days. Maybe that wasn't a kick last week after all. OK I'm almost positive that was a kick. OK now it's four weeks later, I'm sure these are kicks, Torsten put your hand here so you can feel it. Oh wait it stopped. OK try again. Damn, it stopped again. OK it's another four weeks later just PUT YOUR DAMN HAND ON MY BELLY AND LEAVE IT THERE UNTIL THE BABY KICKS I DON'T CARE IF IT TAKES ALL DAY.

And let's not even start on how every sitcom character's water breaks all of a sudden in a very inconvenient place, and then they rush off to the hospital and have a baby. I don't think I even need to bother describing how infrequently THAT particular scenario occurs.

The point is, I think you'll probably all be able to relate to the eye-rolling I've always done during the episode of Friends where Rachel gets to her due date and gives the little speech about how she's just loved being pregnant, and she's really going to miss it.

And I still roll my eyes, just a little, when I see that scene because again, I know how rare it is to feel that way by the time you're 40 weeks pregnant. Most women are wildly uncomfortable and impatient at that point and just want the baby OUT OUT OUT.

So, all of this is just a giant preamble, the point of which is: I will totally forgive you if you roll your eyes during the next part of this post. Because I know my experience is rare, and I'm incredibly lucky.

But I genuinely have loved being pregnant. Not every bit of it--morning sickness specifically comes to mind--and certainly there have been inconveniences and discomforts. And I'm looking forward to being able to sleep on my back again, and to not waking up five times per night to pee, and to being able to eat sashimi.

But I have had an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy, at least so far. I'm still sleeping fine. I don't feel impatient. My discomforts have been mild--and I've been so thrilled about being pregnant that for the most part (other than the few weeks early on when I felt seasick round the clock) I haven't really minded them. They were expected--in fact, I was expecting far worse--but what I wasn't expecting was how much I would like the good parts. Like how very, incredibly great the good parts would actually be.

I LOVE baby kicks. (Though I will say, I decidedly DO NOT love baby hiccups.) I love knowing that I'm growing a person. I love that everywhere I go, Piglet comes along for the ride. I love being asked about my pregnancy and talking about it. I love preparing for a baby and dreaming about a baby and knowing that soon there will actually BE a baby. And I feel such a bond with this baby. Every time he kicks I feel like we're having a private little communication. I love that I get the privilege of having him with me all the time.

I know that a future pregnancy of mine will probably not be like this, because no two pregnancies are alike, not to mention that I won't have all this time to sleep and relax and get ready, because there will be another child to take care of. And that's OK too. I'm just really grateful that I got to experience this first pregnancy the way that I did, that I got so lucky, that it's been such a positive experience for me.

Now let's hope that whenever Piglet decides to make his appearance, parenting a newborn will turn out to be similarly, surprisingly great.


  1. Honestly, I loved being pregnant, too. Any I NEVER said I can't wait for this baby to come out. My thought was always that I didn't want the baby to come out until it was TIME for the baby to come out. :) I'm glad you've had such a great pregnancy, too.

  2. Happy Due Date! I hope labor and delivery continue to be just as easy!

  3. I loved being pregnant too. I'm so happy that it has gone so well for you. You're getting so close now - can't wait to "meet" little Piglet!

    Happy due date!

  4. I really like being pregnant too, except for feeling sick. And I LOVE newborns. Sure, you'll be tired, but you simply cannot ruin a newborn. All you have to do is feed them when they're hungry, hold them as much as you want, and change their diaper when needed. You don't have to worry about their sleep schedule or any "habits"... it's just cuddle time, all the time.

    Oh, and have I told you about The Happiest Baby on the Block? The DVD, not the book. I never recommend the DVD over the book, except in this case, but I'm telling you GET IT: buy it, check the library, WHATEVER. This is #1, hands down, the best book for parents of new babies. I didn't use it until my third baby and it was STILL amazingly helpful....

    I am so stinking excited for you!

  5. I liked being pregnant, although I don't know if I would go so far as to say I loved it at the end. My grandma, however, loved it (and has 8 kids to show for it). She would tell me all the time when I was pregnant with James how much she loved being pregnant. It was really sweet. I think it's really sweet that you love it so much too.

  6. I can't wait for him to get here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You will do great parenting a newborn, I have no doubt!

  8. Yay, happy due date! And yes, speaking of things we "learn" from sitcoms about pregnancy and birth, my husband was definitely a believer that the SECOND a woman's water broke and/or contractions began, she went to the hospital. This explains why, upon learning that his sister (who had a girl on Saturday!) began labor at 9pm and didn't go to the hospital until 2am, he was completely dumbfounded. It may be time to pull out the pre-pregnancy books for that one... (We're at least a year away from trying, but STILL.)

  9. I loved being pregnant, too. In fact, the strangest feeling I have ever had in my entire life was walking into my house NOT PREGNANT anymore. I'd gotten so used to being pregnant that it was really strange not to be, you know? At any rate - best of luck to you. You'll be a great mom, and I can't wait to read all about Piglet's Adventures. :)

  10. I absolutely loved being pregnant. Every minute. But I was also antsy to finally meet my baby.

    That episode where Rachel has the baby and then climbs on the bed and sits cross-legged to breastfeed for the first time? HAHAHAHA. So wrong. But that's tv, for you, huh?

  11. I think it's so sweet and awesome that you've enjoyed your pregnancy. It makes me so happy for you!
    I'll be watching your blog and twitter obsessively until Piglet arrives!

  12. Happy Due Date(s)!! I hope everything continuies to go just as smoothly for you.

    Can't wait to hear the good news!

  13. I read this and was like, "AW! Baby Hiccups!" Which, I'm sure, was not what you are going for.

    I felt this way with my first little baby. I didn't want him to come out because then I would have to put him down. When he was in my tummy, I could hold him all the time.

    I am so so happy for you. It's going to be great.

  14. I never got to my due date, but I was actually a teensy bit annoyed the baby came early. I planned to have a full week off from work and he ruined it! I really enjoyed being pregnant too and never got to the uncomfortable part - the first time, anyway!

  15. What I love about your blog is much you appreciate things!

  16. I was pretty indifferent to pregnancy. I was a bit skeeved out by the idea I was growing a baby inside me ... and even now when I look at Gavin, it sort of freaks me out that he was inside me a few short months ago. And up until Gavin's early arrival, I had a relatively easy pregnancy, too. It's not like I was laden with a bunch of health issues or scares. Anyway, I think it's great you've loved being pregnant and will look forward to going through this again!

  17. Hooray for a lovely pregnancy. I feel grateful to have had a relatively easy one too.

  18. Oh man, my first pregnancy was SO like this. I went overdue and didn't even care that much until I really did care and wanted to have the damn baby. hehe
    but, i loved being pregnant and through each pregnancy there was a lot of good, but I did enjoy each one a bit less. (probably due to having little kids to take care of instead of gestating in peace.)

    I'm so glad you've had a good pregnancy! :)

  19. My mum was an L&D nurse for years and it's so funny to watch sitcom delivery scenes with her. She provides hilarious commentary complete with eye rolling. I love it.
    She also loved being pregnant with all 3 of us and, despite her early morning sickness, enjoyed it pretty much the whole way. I'm so glad your experience has been so wonderful, and I only hope to have similar experiences when I start growing people!

    Thinking of you lots these days!

  20. Chalk it up to you being an incredibly organized, positive, cheerful, realistic person (and Mommy-To-Be). That's just your nature, Jess!

    I think you create your destiny and that shapes your perspective.


    (sorry for screaming) :-)

  21. Eeeek, it's so WEIRD to think that Piglet can come any time now. I'm glad you've loved being pregnant, and hope your experience is awesome with your next baby, too.


  22. You do remember that the very next scene in that episode was Rachel screeching at her fetus to GET OUT, right?

    In all seriousness, I'm so glad this was your experience. I enjoyed most of my pregnancy the second time around, save the part where I was 24 hour a day nauseated, and it's nice to have had that experience.

  23. Your post is really refreshing. All of my pregnant friends seem to be a bunch of whiners about it! I've never been pregnant so I try not to judge. I just think that when I get pregnant, I will be so amazed at what my body is doing that there will be no room for whining no matter how uncomfortable I get! Good luck with everything!!

  24. *EYEROLL*

    hee! just kidding! i think it's awesome you've loved it so much. and happy (now past) due date, by the way. DEAR PIGLET, YOUR MAMA'S BLOG FRIENDS ARE READY TO MEET YOU ANY TIME NOW!

    (yes, i was yelling. so that he'd hear me in there, obviously.)

  25. I simply loved being pregnant--right up until about the last couple of days of baby #3. I was just sooooooooo exhausted. Amusingly, I was somewhat disappointed when she came out--I went into labor about 4 hours after I officially started my maternity leave. I was so tired, I was looking forward to MAYBE? at least ONE DAY of rest before she came. Did NOT happen--bless her heart!

    I love to hear how much you love being pregnant!

  26. What are your thoughts on visitors? Are you open to visitors in the hospital or would you prefer to wait until you are home?

    Not that I'm getting excited or anything :-)