Monday, October 25, 2010

I fail at Halloween.

The back pain, oh, the back pain. Too long in the car, or any kind of uncomfortable seat (such as a stadium seat... we went to the Colorado Rapids game with friends on Saturday night), and my back revolts. OUCH. I would still classify this as "mild" back pain--it's not all the time and it's not debilitating, it's just uncomfortable--but oh, I'm only 28 weeks along (not even quite), which means I'm only just about to hit the third trimester tomorrow, which means I'm a little nervous about how this is going to progress over the next 12ish weeks. Hopefully it will be one of those pregnancy symptoms that shows up in mild form, makes me wonder, and then disappears again (see also: heartburn, acne).

Also, sometimes pregnancy seems to go on forever, truly, for ever and ever, and it feels like AGES since I first got pregnant and it's amazing how long it takes for a person to grow to the point to be able to thrive in the outside world. Then you think that only seven months ago this person didn't even exist, and now if he were to be born he would likely survive with no long-term problems, and really, seven months for someone to go from NOT EXISTING to not only existing but also likely to thrive really seems like very little time at all.

Unrelatedly, we bought a pumpkin last week, and put it on our porch, and vaguely thought that maybe we should carve it, and then... didn't. We probably should? Sometime this week, before the holiday actually arrives? Also, I'm sure it's full of seeds, which I would really like to roast and eat, except that last year's pumpkin seeds didn't turn out so well. I think maybe we roasted them for too long? I don't know, my mom always did this when I was a kid and she was always great at it and I'm pretty sure she gave me advice on how to do it last year and I still managed to mess it up. I fail at pumpkin seeds, basically.

Also... Halloween is on Sunday. That means November is on Monday. That means that January, aka my due date, will only be two months away. That means I will be, like, really pregnant and stuff. I think I'm starting to fall more on the side of "holy shit pregnancy goes by fast" rather than "good lord I can't even remember not being pregnant, it was so long ago."

Besides, I very clearly remember not being pregnant. I slept through the night, I only peed every few hours during the day, I survived minor inconveniences and disappointments without bursting into tears, I fit into jeans that had zippers instead of elastic panels, my back didn't hurt, I ate sushi and brie and had the occasional cocktail. I also wanted a baby more than anything in the world. And now I'm having one. Seems worth the tradeoff, no?

I still can't wait to scarf down some salmon sashimi, though. In the meantime, I'll settle for some Halloween candy. Which means we should really probably buy some of that, too. And don't even get me started on the whole costume thing. Because, well, I suck at them, and I won't be dressing up. Unless "pregnant woman" counts as a costume.


  1. I was due in February, and I remember feeling that way. We went on a trip to the East Coast, leaving on Halloween. It was awesome, but I was so exhausted, and got so sick (and couldn't take anything! bah!). It felt like the pregnancy was taking forever. And then, when it was Thanksgiving and then Christmas, it seemed like it had flown by.
    ps. I don't blame you for not wanting to dress up. Many costume ideas for pregnant women seem overly cheesey, and nothing is really flattering (at least it wasn't on me: see last year's costume of The Virgin Mary. I looked like a tent.).

  2. You could really embrace your pregnancy for Halloween and dress up as a beach ball! Vertical rainbow stripes, anyone? :)

    I can't believe you're getting so close to your due date! How exciting!

  3. I'm not pregnant and I'm not dressing up for Halloween...CP is not into the holiday. Instead on Saturday we are going out to dinner with a friend of mine from college who I haven't seen since graduation!

  4. We're going to draw on our pumpkins with permanent markers this year, to avoid our annual problem with moldy smelly rotten pumpkin debris.

    Also, we fail year after year with seeds. I remember them being SO delicious when I was younger, and all we get are scorch-flavored brittle shell splinters. BUT! Last year I read somewhere that some kinds of pumpkins are better for seeds than others! This was a revelation! Maybe it's not us, maybe it's the PUMPKINS.

  5. we also fail every time we try to do pumpkin seeds. I clearly remember doing it every year as kids, so I don't know what my problem is but like Swistle's suggestion of blaming the pumpkins.

    Back pain. Ugh.
    Water aerobics really helped my back pain. A LOT.
    Chiropractor, and ice instead of heat. I hope it doesn't get worse. I can clearly remember having to CRAWL through the house with child #3, but oddly enough I had virtually no back pain with child #4. Sadly, my tailbone still hurts from that one, and she's almost 1!

  6. Ooh, I like Swistle's theory. It's not us, it's the pumpkins!

    Although it might be us, too, in a different way: Helen has been asking and asking and ASKING whether we can roast pumpkin seeds this year, and when, and "We're going to roast pumpkin seeds this year, right? They're so yummy"--and yet the only pumpkin seeds she's ever eaten are the crummy, oily, semi-burnt things I have tried and and failed at making every year. So clearly it's possible that the pumpkin seed yumminess is a matter that depends heavily on perception.

  7. I'm lousy at dressing up too. . . not my favorite.

  8. easy and awesome (unless you know people who get offended easily) pregnancy costume: put on slippers & sweatpants, put hair into pigtails, and carry around a six-pack w/an unlit cigarette hanging out of your mouth. instant white trash costume! :)

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  10. I am a big Halloween fan, but I do not like dressing up as an adult. I love the kid stuff, though.

    However, I did have fun dressing when I was pregnant with Calum & Willa (I was big at Halloween time with them). We went to parties that year where costumes were "required." I was the bowling ball (I put three paper finger holes on my belly) and Brett was the bowling pin (he wore a white shirt with two red stripes sharpied in at the top). It was simple and fun.

  11. I went to a fancy dress up party once when I was pregnant, and it was very simple- a blue flowy dress bought at sale, ivy and flower wreaths and voila! Earth-mother goddess costume :)

  12. I love Halloween, but I won't be dressing up this year. I actually haven't in a few years, but I'll definitely do something next year (I'm pregnant and due in January too)!

    I hope your back pain leaves as quickly as it came--that's never a fun thing to deal with.

  13. I was pregnant last year on halloween and pinned a big sign to my belly that read, "pause." I was a pregnant pause. I'm a huge dork and had to explain the costume all night. Although a few people got it right away.

  14. I adore Halloween! Of course, the fact that it's my birthday probably doesn't hurt. Still, I don't really dress up as an adult. I mostly just like all of the kid stuff.

    The 3rd trimester is when I started to panic about getting things done for the girls. You have so much done already, so you are in great shape! :)