Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know some of you are probably broiling hot right now and will hate me for this, but um, it's really cold here right now. It feels like fall. It is in the mid-50s outside and we sleep with a box fan in our bedroom window to pull the cold air in so when we woke up this morning we were both downright chilly.

(Don't hate me too much, though. It'll be in the 80s again tomorrow and in the 90s the day after that.)

HOWEVER. The sudden onset of the cold weather plus all the back-to-school posts plus the appearance of a noticeable belly bump have made me realize that eek, time is moving, rather quickly!

Pregnancy is definitely one of those times that moves both fast and slowly at the same time. It feels like I've been pregnant for years, you know? And that the days before each appointment drag on interminably. Especially in the first trimester it felt like it would be forever before I hit 12 weeks. But at the same time here I am at 19 weeks, almost halfway through, and it is amazing how the weeks just keep mounting up. And I know from reading blogs of other pregnant women that everyone else's pregnancy seems to pass in the blink of an eye. But it's different when it's yours.

But the changing of the seasons makes it feel so real. I got pregnant in spring. It's summer now. I'm due in winter. Only one more season between where we are now and where we will be when the baby comes. And waking up to weather that makes me want to put on a sweater makes me realize exactly how close we are to that season.

And also, I haven't worn any maternity clothing yet. My jeans don't fit--even with the hair elastic holding the button closed, they are uncomfortably tight--and I do own a pair of maternity jeans that I bought shortly after I got pregnant on clearance at Old Navy for $7--but it's summer and it's hot so I've just been living in A-line skirts and looser-fitting dresses. My plan has always been to stick with this until fall and then get myself into some maternity clothes. Which means that I should actually think about BUYING some maternity clothes, because they aren't going to just magically show up in my closet one day. So, it's time to hit up Craigslist, Freecycle, Goodwill, consignment shops, and the Target and Old Navy clearance racks.

Oh and also for my baby shower my sister gave me an incredibly generous gift card to Motherhood Maternity/Pea in the Pod (they seem to be the same store now), so I can buy a couple of nice things new. I am torn--should I invest in some decent fall/winter basics that I wear a lot, or should I look for those used/cheap and save the gift card in case some sort of special occasion comes up for which I will need a nice maternity dress?

But in the meantime--19 weeks, maternity clothes, back to school, cold weather--and suddenly things are really starting to feel like they're happening fast. Which is kind of great. I've always loved fall and this year I have even more of a reason to love it than usual. Seriously, I'm thisclose to lighting a fire in the fireplace right now.


  1. I am torn in my advice; if you use the gift card for basics that you will wear a lot you can get better quality items, and you could get a dress or something at a discount/thrift store. But it might be harder to find dressy clothes at a discount/thrift store. And yes, there inevitably will be a time or two that you need a maternity (or just larger) dress. The holiday season party, or someone's wedding, or something. Target sells maternity dresses that are pretty cute, and not terribly expensive, though, so that's an option too.

  2. This is my favorite kind of weather!!! I was kind of hoping it'd stay like this all week.

    I say go with basics, they're what you'll wear the most and you want to love them. Good LONG t-shirts, a pair of dress pants (Motherhood sells good "work/dress" pants that I lived in). Really, when you're pregnant, if you wear some dress pants and a long sweater people condsider that dressed up if you have an occasion, and you might as well spend the money on items you'll actually use.

  3. I really didn't like Motherhood clothes, EXCEPT for their dressy stuff. I didn't think their basics lasted very long, and the dress I only wore once to my husband's Christmas party - perfect!

  4. That's so awesome! It's going to just fly by now. You've got the holidays coming, which makes time move quickly, and then before you know it, your due date will be here!

    Think about your holiday schedule - I found that I needed a dress for a few parties when I was pregnant, and so I bought a "little" (HA!) black dress that would carry me through at Motherhood. I think it was in the $30-$50 range?

    Otherwise, basics will carry you through lots. Liz Lange at Target is super nice and pretty cheap - they have basic tanks/shirts that can go under other sweaters and make them bump-appropriate (by covering that portion of bump that would otherwise stick out). That's what I did for much of my winter pregnancy. (AND their shirts are stretchy enough that you can wear them post-pregnancy without looking like you're wearing - well - a maternity shirt. Perfect for the transition).

    Oh! And lucky you that open sweaters are "in" right now - you might be able to find one of those on sale and that's great over those aforementioned t-shirts. That's pretty much what I lived in: mat. jeans, a variety of t-shirts, and an open sweater.

    Lastly (oh, I am FULL of the assvice today!): Buy the crazy-looking jeans with the full belly. At first they'll seem ridiculous, but you will LOVE them in the end, guaranteed.

  5. I am LOVING the cooler weather! I hope it stays this way until, oh, the end of September. ;o)

    I have no comments on the rest, sorry.


  6. It has been cold the past two days in CT too. I love it. I would much rather take 65-70 days than 90+ days. It being August though, I'm sure that the temperature will spike up again. Meanwhile, I enjoyed wearing a sweatshirt around the house last night.

  7. After a while, I hated wearing my non-maternity jeans with an elastic because even if it still WORKED, my belly was pushing them down so often, that I spent my whole day pulling the stupid things back up. Oh, how I loved the maternity jeans.

  8. I can barely get past the fact that it feels like Fall there. Me=jealous. I want Fall!
    However, it did get down into the 70's last night *gasp* so it did cool down. lol
    I can't believe you're 19 weeks! You're right - other people's pregnancies do fly by!

  9. I can barely think straight when you mentioned being cold. It's supposed to be 102 here today.

    As for the gift card, typically those stores will have two sections - the Pea in the Pod/Mimi Maternity section that is fancy and the Motherhood section that is more affordable. Maybe you can by a versatile black dress that you can use if you need something fancy, and then use the rest on staples?

  10. It feels like fall here, too! I have had to wear shoes that cover my toes FOR TWO DAYS IN A ROW.

    I say buy some comfy winter clothes, since you will be spending the majority of the uncomfortable months in the winter.

  11. Fall clothes and basics will serve you better!

  12. Oh, I am LOVING this weather, especially after the miserable, miserable heat of the weekend.

  13. I wish I could offer more advice but I feel kind of unhelpful with never having been pregnant and all.. but I would always go with cheap and cheerful. :D

  14. Old Navy Maternity shirts fit like potato sacks. Even if I liked the ON clothes better on the hanger, at least Motherhood Maternity had some ruching on the side to make you look pregnant and not a hobo. I remember hating all my motherhood maternity stuff when I was preg with my first, but this time I bought 4 pairs of the most awesome lightweight cargo pants.

    Old Navy/Gap truly excel in the pants. They are the same. Skip the elastic waist ones (you'll be hitching them up forever) and go for the full panel. They even sport a real button, which is handy when they slip down.

  15. I meant the same as Old Navy and Gap's regular pants. Duh!

  16. Destination Maternity is a website that has a bunch of maternity clothes, including Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod (often at sale prices, which is great, because who really needs a $68 maternity t-shirt?!). I'm definitely trying to push the clothes I have until it cools down ... and then I'll be putting that Gap Groupon to good use for some warmer maternity clothes!

  17. We've been having similar weather this week, Jess. It was very cool this morning when we woke up...I had to put on a sweater and was shivering.
    One thing I learned about maternity clothes was not to buy it until you need it because you don't realize how you might be shaped until you get there. I know that's not always possible but it is a good rule. I'm impressed that you haven't worn any yet...but good stretchy non-maternity skirts and pants work for many months anyway. Motherhood is definitely cheaper than Mimi's and Pea in the Pod. You could get more at Motherhood for the price...but it is nice to have that one pretty outfit you really feel good in.
    Another option is making yourself something out of cheap material or thrift store clothes. I've found a couple of websites that I haven't tried yet but that look pretty easy. If you can sew a quilt, you'd definitely be able to do this!

  18. If your pregnancy was anything like mine, get clothes NOW. Because all of a sudden, seemingly overnight, I was bigger and nothing fit! Gap maternity jeans were my favorites. They also made a bootcut cord that had beltloops, so a belt could help to hold them up until the belly's bigger. Once you're on Gap's email list they send notices about sales and promotions pretty often, which really helps.

    I also got some pants at Ann Taylor Loft maternity that were on a really great sale and I loved.

    I splurged on a few nice Pea in the Pod tops to dress up the basic pants.