Monday, June 14, 2010

TV weekend

Torsten and I finished watching Season 1 of The Wire this weekend. He adores it. I like it a lot. It definitely grew on me. We are going to hold off on Season 2 until after the World Cup ends, though, because when you check it out of the library you have to watch the whole season in three weeks (not renewable because there's a queue), and we have to, you know, work and not just watch soccer and crime shows round the clock, you know?

Plus it'll be good to have a break from the violence. It starts to get to me after awhile, even when the show is really good.

You know what doesn't get to me? 4-0 World Cup wins. Assuming, of course, that the team that scores four is the one you're rooting for. Which, in this case, it obviously was.

Two World Cup notes:

1. "Pobres Australianos" was a trending topic on Twitter after the Germany game yet. I think that's adorable. I did feel sorry for them, not just for getting trounced but also for that one player getting that straight red card for something that looked to me like it barely deserved a yellow card. Apparently the guy was in tears after the game. Does a straight red mean he misses the next two games? If so, he probably won't get to play in this World Cup again, as Australia seems unlikely to advance out of group play, and since he's already 30 years old it's possible he won't get to come to the next World Cup either. What a crappy way to go, you know? I mean, it's no Zidane head butt, but still.

2. I saw a joke on Twitter about the poor English goalie who let in that embarrassing goal against the US. It went something like this: "The British national team says they are behind goalkeeper Robert Green after his blunder. In retrospect, that's a good place to stand." It makes me laugh every time I think about it. Even though, of course: the poor guy. And he had an amazing save later in the game so really it all evens out, but of course the British tabloids don't agree.

OK! I swear I won't keep going on about the World Cup, for all those of you who are groaning and rolling your eyes. Really, I will keep it to myself. At least til the next Germany game. Fair?


  1. I have never cared at all about the word cup but this year...something changed. I'm guessing it was my home team of the US versus my other team of England kicking it off. And the beer on tap at the pub we went to to watch the game. ;)

  2. This is your blog. You get to go on and on about whatever you want. Don't go all apologetic now ... you've barely skimmed the surface of World Cup speak. =)

    Love that Twitter quote about the English goalie. Really funny...

  3. Tim (the guy red-carded) is Australia's best player so no one was happy he was red-carded! He'll play again though, they cant afford to let him off the team lol.

  4. I appreciated your explaining a bit about the World Cup to me. It makes it a tad more interesting.

    Though, the only thing I understand about soccer in general is that the ball is supposed to get in the net. Really.

  5. i actually enjoy watching soccer quite a bit... but that still doesn't really give me any world cup fever. i'll likely go watch the final at a bar (and it would be amazing if france made it to the finals again this time!) but i just don't CARE about it, say, the way i care about the superbowl :-)

  6. Oh, I had a very unhappy Aussie fiance - but you know, all part of the game! ;-) I was happy for Germany - the Europeans sure know (and love) their football! I bet Torsten was cheering!

  7. I have had the first 4 episodes of The Wire sitting on my desk for months now and I can't bring myself to start it because I know I am going to get sucked in. There's too much to do before I can spend months engrossed in cop dramas!