Monday, December 14, 2009

THIS is how you want to kick off the week.

So, last night at about 3:30 in the morning, Torsten and I both woke up due to a strange, wet sort of noise coming from Montana's crate. We lay there for a minute, wondering what it was, and then heard her begin to lick herself vigorously, and assumed we'd solved the mystery. We looked over there and dimly saw her sitting up in her crate, licking herself, and went back to sleep.

And then just now, I got up for the day, walked by her crate on my way to the bathroom... and noticed the sizable pile of vomit on her crate mat. Oops.

So, we may make terrible parents, since apparently it turns out that in the middle of the night we rationalize away anything that might make us have to get out of bed? The poor dog, sleeping next to her own puke all night. But at least she's not the type of dog that eats vomit, right?

I can only assume (and hope) that the vomiting was due to the mass quantities of cookie dough she consumed off the floor while Torsten was baking this weekend, and not a virus or other more serious issue. Though I will certainly be keeping an eye on her today.

In the meantime, I'm headed back upstairs with a bottle of 409. I leave you with a video, shot yesterday, of Montana freaking out when she sees a cat in our driveway. (Note that this video is all about the audio.)

Here's hoping everyone (ourselves included) has a puke-free day!


  1. Awww, Montana just wants to go out and play!

    We notice SoMi licks her paws a lot more in the winter. We're pretty sure it has to do with her awful reaction to salt on the road. Poor baby.

  2. Poor Montana. I'm totally the anything to stay in bed dog-owner, B's better about it. But Casco definitely eats his own vomit. Hope Montana's feeling better today!!!

  3. Oh, her poor belly! The good news is, Montana has forgotten all about last night. Yay for tiny brains!

    She makes me laugh so hard in that video! She reminds me of Belle when she sees a rabbit out the front window. Hee hee!

    Also? Montana's ears are the best.

  4. Poor puppy! Well, in your defense, she really didn't call a lot of attention to her vomitting. Children will make a lot more noise, trust me.

  5. Oh that was just precious!

    And don't worry about the vomit. Jersey sometimes just eats too much too fast and pukes it up (granted she's a cat, and it might work a little differently). As long as she's happy today, wagging her tail and drinking water and such, I'm sure she'll be fine!

  6. Sunny's what, four years old? And I miss her bedtime vomits ALL THE TIME. If she pukes in her crate, I barely notice it, even though I've experienced it a hundred times before. Trust me, you'll hear your kid. It's way different in terms of sound and experience. Plus, chances are that your kid won't just roll over and go back to sleep.

  7. My dogs both freaked and came running into the room when they heard this video!

    That noise (the deeper one, not the high pitch squeal) is a sound only Baxter makes. We call it his "wookie" sound b/c it sounds like Chewbacca.

  8. Not me, unfortunately. Fortunately or unfortunately, the kids definitely let you KNOW it's time to wake up and address the puke. Blergh.

  9. poor Montana..:( but on consulming cookie dough tho, totally sound like me :p

  10. Blanca has been vomitting at least once a week for a month. I think she gets outside and finds worms or something and they make her sick.

    She DOES eat her own vomit, so you are lucky!

  11. That's the sound my skin would make if it could make sound in reaction to cats. HIVES!

  12. Poor pup! Hope she's OK.

    As far as I'm concerned, you could post videos of Montana daily and it wouldn't be enough. Just saying.