Thursday, May 28, 2009

Non-grumpy complaining

I just woke up, so I haven't eaten breakfast yet (I have to wait at least half an hour after taking my Synthroid). So, I can't report on how my first solid breakfast was yet. But I can report on the transition dinner of chicken noodle soup.

It was... fine. It wasn't great. I know, I'm ungrateful and all the haters are going to come out now and talk about how I complain about everything even though my life is perfect and wonderful in every way. But... I don't know. The whole chewing nine million times thing? Well, it's a pain in the ass and also it starts to make the food taste kind of dry by the end... like you've chewed all the moisture out of it.

I'll be honest, it was a little disappointing. But it was definitely better than a protein shake. And I am still seriously looking forward to the menu of (soft) solid food scheduled for today.

Also, I wrote a post over at Not a Diet yesterday about the surgery, in which I discussed the mini-breakdown that I had over the weekend and the great way that Torsten handled it. Let's just say that hunger and too much cottage cheese can do a serious number on your coping skills.

OK, let's talk about something other than what I can and cannot eat, just for a moment. I have two other complaints to file today. (See, complaint-accusing haters? It's your lucky day!)

First is about those Progressive car insurance commercials. Have people seen them? The ones with the Progressive store and the customers who walk in and talk to the perky woman? And the perky woman goes on and on about how Progressive is the only company that allows customers to name their own price for car insurance?

Well, they piss me off, and not because the woman is so perky. It's because all Progressive has done is taken the insurance-purchasing process and flipped it around. Every car insurance company allows customers to customize their policies by increasing or decreasing coverage, thereby changing the price of the policy. Most people know that.

Therefore, the only people who would be impressed by Progressive's fancy "name your price" system are people who don't really understand how car insurance works. So basically, Progressive is advertising, "Hey! You can under-insure yourself for cheap! And we'll let you do it! Just tell us how much you want to pay and we'll offer you a crappy plan! But don't worry, you won't realize it's crappy until you get in an accident and you're liable and you come to us for help!"

My point is, it's a predatory commercial, and it pisses me off.

The second thing I want to complain about is a bit more personal, and it's that Torsten has to go on a business trip for all of next week. So it's just going to be me and the dog here in the house for a week. I liked living alone when I did it, but I like living with Torsten more. And I am not looking forward to a week by myself.

OK, that's all. Now I get to go cook some eggs!


  1. I hate that commercial because the perky woman makes me want to hit her just so she'll shut up! But, you're so right about the underlying message. I knew I'd never go with Progressive and now I have one more reason! =)

    Hang in there with this new lifestyle. It's a huge change, physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm not surprised when you have swings up and down. It'll all even out soon enough.

  2. A bit off topic, but isn't Synthroid ANNOYING? Either I have to set my alarm for an hour before I want to wake up, groggily choke down that pill and then try to fall back asleep, or get up at my normal time, take it, and then wait around for AN HOUR before I can eat. I hate it! Ok, complain-y rant is over. :)

  3. Have you noticed? All the people coming out of the woodwork to call people out because they complain? My Heavens! You are ALLOWED to complain! This process you embarked on is hard! Like Swistle says: I acknowledge my luckiness, without giving up my claim to the suckiness.


  4. Food restrictions take all the fun out of eating.

    But maybe the chicken noodle soup wasn't as awesome as you remembered, because canned chicken noodle soup isn't actually awesome? (I'm assuming your soup was canned.) I started making my own soup because I couldn't find it canned in Germany. It's remarkably simple to make, but OMG does fresh soup taste amazing. I prepare chicken broth, add some chopped chicken, add noodles (I use rice noodles because I'm allergic to grains, but I also prefer rice noodles because they're the same shape as the noodles Campbell uses), then add basil, salt, and pepper to taste. It's so easy, I can even manage it when I'm sick and exhausted.

  5. You're on Synthroid? I used to be, and it's nothing but a medication that is going to make things worse down the line for you. You might want to check out one of the best thyroid patient websites called Stop the Thyroid Madness.

  6. I love the Progressive women's eyeliner. Why can't I get mine to work like that???

    I'm horrible about chewing. It hasn't bothered me yet.

    I'll go read the other post and possibly comment about my breakdown post-surgery! :)

  7. I loathe insurance companies that advertise people to be under insured without knowledge. I was in a major accident a few years ago and the lady was GROSSLY underinsured and even though I have extra insurance for such an event it was still not enough to cover the surgeries and a new car.

  8. So glad you've upgraded to better food!

    As for the Progressive commercials, I find the extra-peppy chick to be annoying. Ugh.

  9. Apparently that Progressive woman is some sort of cult icon. People LOVE her. I read an article about it a while back. I'm pretty sure the woman gets fan mail. Weird.

    The commercials I hate are the ones for American Family, where they talk about the important people in your life who are there for you at all the important times, and how your American Family agent is one of those people, who'll get to know you and be there for you if anything happens. Hello, I have NEVER MET my American Family agent. I call when I need something and that's that. I've never even been to their office. Is this not the norm?

  10. I'm pretty sure they are comparing the difference in cost for similar insurance coverage from different companies. While I agree the commercial is annoying, I don't see it as predatory.