Friday, March 20, 2009

New blog and doggie and hot springs and weekend!

Well. I've been reading tons of design blogs, and I just added approximately ninety bajillion of them to my Google Reader, but I was struggling to remember all the pretty things I liked. So, I started a Tumblr blog where I'm posting all the interior design images that I find attractive or inspiring. It's really fun. I spent awhile going over archives of a bunch of sites that I liked, and I feel pretty caught up now, so I can just add photos as they get posted, for the most part.

Also, I showed the blog to Torsten? And he hated pretty much every one. Really, it's a miracle that we managed to agree on a house. But actually, I think he'd like the things about the pictures that I like, once he saw how they were applied in our own house. He just has trouble extrapolating from model homes to our own lived-in space.

In other news, we went on a hike out in the foothills last weekend, and had a great time. The landscape was gorgeous (full set here):

And Montana enjoyed herself, despite still having to wear her t-shirt (we figured out that we needed to tie it up, 80s-style, to prevent her from tripping):

But the good news is, she got her staples out yesterday and she's healing great, so no more t-shirt for her. We even took her to the dog park last night, and she was fine. And perfect timing, too, because this evening we're going to a hot springs as a pre-birthday trip for me, and she's coming with us. Though of course she won't be coming to the actual hot springs, there is a river nearby and I'm sure she'll appreciate going on lovely nature walks without having to be humiliated in front of the other dogs in her hobo-esque t-shirt.

It should be an awesome weekend. I'm excited for my first-ever hot springs trip, and for turning 25 in just a few days. I hope you all have awesome weekends too!


  1. sigh.. i do love CO scenery. so fantastic.

    hah, i had forgotten about poor montana's tshirt!! i think she looks surprisingly stylish w/the 80s knot :-)

  2. Those look like vacation photos, not every day life photos. Lucky you!

  3. Happy early 25th! I think it will be a great year for you. :)

    Glad to see that Montana is healing well! I think that the shirt is awfully cute, though.

  4. Hee. Okay, NOW I'm saying something. Montana!! As a dog name. I love how her collar is purple, though I'm not at all surprised.

    I think you're rubbing off on me. I never disliked purple, but I never really considered it either - for decorating or wearing. Now every time I go shopping I end up with something purple. You're definitely to blame for this new purple infatuation I have.

    And I'm so glad you live in Colorado - such a beautiful area.

  5. I'm excited to hear how you like the hot springs- it's something I'd like to try out myself!

  6. I love me some Natural Hot Springs. They're amazing! (Although, I hope yours don't smell like sulphur...because that can get nasty.)


  7. Happy early birthday! that t-shirt is just too funny.

  8. All the things you've accomplished before you turn 25 is pretty darn remarkable, my dear. Happy pre-birthday weekend!

  9. Have a fantastic weekend! It sounds awesome =)

  10. I sure hope you guys have a great time!

  11. Hot springs! My favorite! Which ones are you going to?

  12. My goodness, I'm gone for a few days and you've got a dog, bought a house, turning 25 and who knows what else? Congrats on all of it! What an exciting time to be YOU!

  13. I love almost all the pictures you have posted on your Tumblr blog. They all look so nice and clean and organized.

  14. I've been silent for a few posts now because I know ZERO about buying a home, but decorating? Decorating, I can do! I love subway tiles in kitchens and bathrooms! And clustered art hangings. And bold colors for paint and accents.

    P.S. Montana is adorable as always. Don't think I could say that enough.

  15. Those outdoor pictures ARE beautiful and we're loving the cool t-shirt.

    I was just thinking about a tumblr blog the other day but I can't make up my mind. The ceiling in the nursery photo scares me a bit, but both the green in the bathroom and the green in the living room are fantastic!

  16. I'm glad that you guys are settling into your new surroundings.

    I gave you an award on my blog.

  17. Those pictures look so great. Your dog looks adorable in the shirt.

  18. Great pictures! I just started following you on Tumblr too. I'm

  19. I think the design blog is a great idea to help you keep track of things you like. I used to paste pictures from catalogs and magazines in a sketchbook for the same purpose, but your way is much more "new school." :-)

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