Saturday, July 7, 2007

I just don't understand why they chose a town called Devil's Lake.

Torsten and I watched Jesus Camp tonight. It was completely horrifying. I knew it would be, and in what way, and yet actually seeing it was still shocking. But there was one scene in particular that I found quite ironic. Toward the end of the film, we see a scene from a megachurch in Colorado Springs, and we see Ted Haggard preaching. Keep in mind that the stuff about Haggard and the gay prostitute didn't come out until November 2006, and Jesus Camp was released in September 2006. Anyway, Haggard is up on stage in all the lights, and he's talking about hypocrisy and the devil, and he's making the audience laugh with a bunch of strange jokes. And the strangest was when he said something along the lines of, "I know what you did last night! I know who you were with! And if you don't give me $1,000, I'm going to tell your wife about it!"

The line is a little prophetic, is all I'm saying. And both more and less funny than it was intended to be at the time, in light of the later revelations about him.

In other news, Torsten's boss is out of town for the week and has kindly loaned us his car to use in his absence. So we were thinking we would take advantage of the unexpected mobility and spend next weekend at the beach, any beach, just a nice sandy salty wet place to spend a couple of boiling hot days. So I looked into a few hotels, and guess what? It's impossible to get a hotel room at the last minute at the beach in peak season. Who would have thought? Seriously, every nasty, seedy motel from the Jersey Shore to Virginia Beach is totally booked. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, but you'd think we'd be able to find something, even if the cockroaches managed to find it first.

Anyway, then we decided that we didn't really care where we went, we should just take advantage of the rare circumstances. So I tried to find cheap last minute travel deals online. Those things definitely exist, but damn it, not in the form that I want them. Why isn't there a website where you type in your starting location, you specify how many miles you're willing to drive and a maximum price for a hotel, and it tells you what it can find for you? Or if such a website exists, why the hell can't I find it?

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