Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Velvet vs. Velvet

The news over the past couple days has been full of the story of the three people and their dog who fell off a ledge on Mt. Hood and were just rescued. This is lovely and I'm glad that they didn't die. But what really gets me about this story is the dog. Not because everyone loves hearing about animals that help save humans' lives, but because this dog not only has the same name, Velvet, as my childhood dog, but is actually the same breed and looks very similar.

Velvet the Mt. Hood rescue dog:

Velvet my childhood pet (the black one):

Granted, they are in different positions in these photos, which makes it hard to compare, but you can see that they had the same colouring and the same face shape. CNN says that Velvet the rescue dog is a black lab, but I am fairly certain that, like Velvet my childhood dog, Velvet the rescue dog is a black lab mix, as purebreds have squarer heads.

Velvet my childhood dog died when I was seventeen, a month after I left home to spend my senior year of high school in France. That was more than five years ago, but I miss him.

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