Monday, October 6, 2014

Eleven months old

Dear Annika,

Four days ago (sorry!), you turned 11 months old. Meaning that next time I do this, you will be ONE!

This month has been another month of explosions for you, the two biggest being that you have started to walk and you have started to say a couple words. A couple weeks ago you took a few tentative steps, and you have slowly been increasing since then. By now you walk steadily for 8-10 steps at a time, and occasionally walk as a mode of transportation, even though crawling is still faster. You've also figured out how to stand up without pulling or bracing yourself on anything, by pushing into a downward dog and then straightening upright. You LOVE walking and get a huge smile on your face, usually accompanied by delighted laughter, whenever you do it.

This month you've also started saying some words. You definitely say "doggie" (pronounced "dah-gah" like your brother before you), and I'm 95% sure you say "Mama" and 90% sure that you say "more." You follow instructions, or make deliberate decisions not to, which is hilarious--you hear a request, light up with a knowing grin, and then do the exact opposite (such as crawling away when we've asked you to come here). You've also started pointing this month, and will point at the dog or at things you want (mostly food), though you still aren't super consistent about this one.


You're really into toys by now,with a tractor that makes noises and drives as your especial favorite. You are starting to develop your own ideas about how the world works, such as trying to fit a giant teddy bear into a small toy race car in a very determined manner, or copying things your brother does. You also love the toy kitchen, and can happily stand there banging pots and pans together and opening and closing the doors for basically indefinite periods of time. You seem to have a preference for variety, and are happiest when we are out and about with things to do and look at.

You are still eating and sleeping well, without much variance month to month. You still sleep 11-12 hours at night with a 2-3 hour nap most days. You eat every solid food we offer you (pulled pork continues to be a favorite and you also love broccoli, bananas, all meat, and basically everything new), and are eating about 35 ounces of formula most day (this will be milk in the near future!). You got one new tooth this month, for a total of six.

Mealtimes are as joyous for the dog as they are for you, as you've discovered the delight of sharing your food with her. Throwing food is a hilarious new pastime for you, though I personally could live without it. You continue to follow your growth curve perfectly--I think you're about 23 pounds 3 ounces (93rd percentile) and 31 inches (99th percentile)--and you're still solidly in size 18-month clothing.

By now you just have so much PERSONALITY. You're very laid back and mellow and can roll with pretty much anything, but you also demonstrate preferences pretty clearly. You spent much of the last week with your Oma and Opa, whom you didn't really know as you were just born the last time you saw them, and while the first day you were a little fussy and clingy with me in the evening, you've adapted quickly and clearly love them, which is adorable and gratifying to watch. You are very active, always on the move, wanting to crawl and walk everywhere and explore every nook and cranny you can find. It's hard to describe, but you're just an incredibly sparkly little person, with a strong and adorable personality. Being with you is just so fun. We are so lucky we get to have you in our family.


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