Thursday, November 10, 2011

More about holiday cards

This is a sponsored post. Tiny Prints is giving me 50 free holiday cards to write a post about holiday cards. If you want to do the same, fill out this form.
We've been doing holiday cards for the last few years, but we've never done a photo card before--unless you count Callum's birth announcement, which, since he was born in January, we sent out in place of a regular holiday card with the line "Celebrating the new year with our new addition." So, I guess I should say we've never done a photo card with ourselves on it. But as you might have guessed from my previous post, that's about to change.

I've been perusing the Tiny Prints holiday card selection for a few weeks now, and had a whole bunch saved to my projects using a stand-in photo while I waited to get the images from our professional photo session. Here's a tip: it's REALLY HARD to even try to pick a holiday card when you don't yet have the photo you'll be using. Yes, really. You're welcome. Nonetheless, I'm excited about holiday cards and I came up with quite the list of potential designs.

Dotted Cheer. I HEART this one so much. But it requires juuuuuust the right photo to make it work, in terms of color (black and white is pretty much necessary), positioning (to the right, obviously) and white space (need lots of it, on the left). But if you can make it work? LOVE.

Magic Behind Windows. I think this is such a cool design. Yes, it's technically supposed to be from newlyweds. But all the text is customizable, so you could easily come up with something else to say in order to make it work even if you aren't newlyweds. You also have to find just the right photo so that crucial parts of people's faces don't get cut off.

Charmed Tab. This one is simple and lovely. But I'm not totally sure how I feel about square cards.

Stylishly Striped. Sweet and classic. But again with the square thing, and also you'd need a really top-heavy photo to make it work.

All Things Sparkle. I think this is lovely. But is the sentiment too hokey? And also, you need the photo to be in a very gray color scheme in order for this not to look jarring.

And which one of these did we choose? (Or was it even one of these?) Well, honestly? Too many of my real-life friends and family read my blog. So I'm not revealing it here. I'm also not revealing which photo it featured. Sorry! But half the fun of receiving a holiday card is not knowing what to expect until you open the envelope, and I will not be ruining that. Because ruining other people's fun isn't holiday-ish at all.


  1. I REALLY have to retrieve my storage bins from my old house so I can see if I bought xmas cards for this year already or not...!

  2. As long as the card has Callum on it somewhere, you can't go wrong!

  3. These are great designs. After you mail the cards, will you tell us? Maybe? :)

  4. What Elizabeth said! Your first Christmas with awesome!!