Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The quilt fiasco

I almost don't even want to post ever again because I don't want to push that sonogram photo off the top of the blog. I understand that ultrasound pictures just look like blurry blobs to most people, but isn't that one CUTE? I mean seriously, you can even see his CHEEKS. I can't get over how adorable I find it. He looks like an actual squeezable BABY.

Also, I swear more than ever that he looks just like Torsten. The morning after the ultrasound I woke up and Torsten was lying in bed with his head tucked against his chest and it was a MIRROR IMAGE. I suppose we'll find out when Piglet is born, but I would really not be surprised at all if I gave birth to a mini-clone of my husband. And I kind of hope that I do. Except maybe he could have curly hair? What do we think of curly hair on boys?

Anyway, this weekend I decided to finally make a quilt for Piglet, which I've been planning to do pretty much since I got pregnant. I went to the fabric store without any clear idea of what I wanted, except that I wanted to do something with the baby in mind rather than my own personal preferences, which is why I opted not to do something purple. I ended up going with a blue and orange, castles and kings theme, with the hope that it would be kid-friendly without being babyish, and have a bit of a mod vintage vibe.

I made it on Saturday and I felt really proud of it. It is a really nice, quality quilt, if I do say so myself: the fabric is soft and nice, and the sewing is good (not that it was difficult; it's just a bunch of straight seams done on a sewing machine, with an ever-so-slightly more complicated zigzag seam on the edging). Here it is:

And closer up so you can see the detail:

So I finished sewing it, proudly showed it to Torsten... and he wasn't exactly enthusiastic (as those of you who follow me on Twitter already know). He tried to be, and he liked the quality of the quilt itself, but I think he thinks it's ugly. Specifically, I think it's the crown fabric that threw him off. He thought it was "weird," and when questioned further said that he had been envisioning something more along the lines of "teddy bears."

Of course, it was late, and I'd been working on the quilt for hours, and I'd been all happy to be making a special quilt for my baby that he could keep for the rest of his life, and had thought it had turned out sort of lovely and bright and original, and to hear my husband be like, "But why does it look like that?" instead of, "Oh my god it's gorgeous!" was very... deflating. Combine that with those ever-present pregnancy hormones, and there may have been a bit of a tearful meltdown involved.

I went from thinking that the quilt was pretty and meaningful to thinking that it was hideous and shocking and everyone who looked at it would think that I was color-blind and I would have to throw it out (along with the money spent on the fabric plus the time and care that went into making it) and start from scratch with a new quilt that wouldn't feel special because I had already made one that hadn't been up to snuff.

I was a mess, basically. Torsten did make me feel better, and swore that he really did like the quilt and thought that it was pretty and just had been expecting something a little more childish but it really was nice. And he's been very good about swearing that he likes it ever since. I still feel slightly fragile about it, and am not sure whether I believe him entirely... but it was enough to make me decide that even if he doesn't like the quilt, I do, and Piglet hopefully will too. So I'm keeping it, and not making another one.

But let this be a warning to all of you partners of pregnant women out there: if she spends ages planning to make something for your unborn child, and then really does it and works hard and comes up with something that she is obviously proud of and happy with, even if there are doubts in the back of your mind about some element of it? Or the entire thing? Even if you think it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen in your life and you're feeling sorry for the baby that it will ever have to be saddled with such a thing? It really might be smarter not to say anything other than, "Oh, honey, it's beautiful!"

Just a PSA.


  1. I think the quilt is ADORABLE and Piglet will absolutely love it. And I am so impressed that you made that in ONE DAY!

  2. Rookie mistake, Torsten. Hee.

    The quilt is gorgeous! You did good, mom!

  3. 1) dating back to caveman times, most babies are born resembling their fathers. it's nature's paternity test! not that I doubt piglet with look like Torsten (with a bit of you thrown in for good measure!) but I find that fascinating.

    2) WHAT is it with men? I mean seriously. I know they know about hormones, why do they think it's ok to not be supportive? I mean they're never going to win a hormone-based argument! That is a great quilt!

  4. Boys with curly hair are adorable. And the quilt is awesome!

  5. I think it's beautiful. It seems more and more, people are not doing the childish things like ducks and teddies ... nurseries are becoming more sophisticated. For girls I love the brown and aqua ... and for boys people are going more aqua or yellow or purple ... it's not just PINK and BLUE anymore ... so the same can be said for baby accessories.

    I think it's GREAT and I can not believe you can sew. I wish I could !!! It's adorable! and in ONE DAY, you're a rock star!

  6. I love it; and I especially love that it's something that won't seem too babyish as Piglet grows up. And what a special thing to have, made with love by his momma!

    Also, my daycare lady's son has curly hair and he is ADORABLE. I love it. I hope your baby has adorable curly hair!

    James does not have curly hair, but he does have a natural faux-hawk. He's a rebel like that.

  7. I like the quilt too. Teddy bears would be too baby-ish, if that makes sense. What you made is perfect!

    Also, men are dumb.

    Finally, curly-haired boys are adorable.

  8. I really do love the pattern (and seeing as I can't thread a needle NOR do I own a sewing machine, I think you're a crafting GENIUS) and I'm sure it'll grow on T! It's something you MADE, by hand, for BABY, which is a really sweet memory.

  9. It is so adorable it makes me wish I had a sewing machine and make quilts for my kids too... and since I deeply dislike sewing... thats saying something!

  10. Oh, I LOVE it! It will go so so nicely in the baby's room. I still have the first blanket I made for my first son, before I knew he was a 'son', so it is more neutral and even has some pink in it.

    Anyway, I really love the castles and kings theme. Lovely. You did great. :)

  11. The quilt is GORGEOUS. And also creative, perhaps unlike teddy bears.

    And, also...you, like, made a quilt in a day? I'm in stupefied awe over here.

  12. 1. YES to boys with curly hair (love it!)

    2. My first reaction to the quilt was "wow, that is amazing!". Then I read your husband's response and my next thought was "wow, men are so dense..."
    That blanket is so special. I wish I could have made one for my son, but I do not know how to make one!

  13. I like it.

    And wow, have I had my share of those hormonal emotional meltdowns.

  14. We LOVE boys with curly hair. Obviously.

    I'm blown away by the quality and cuteness of the quilt. So there.

  15. Men really can be QUITE DENSE, can't they? The crown fabric is my FAVORITE! Well, or maybe the castle fabric is my favorite. Hm. Hard to choose!

  16. I like it! I think the combination is perfect - those colors are pretty together and will look nice in his room, too. I suppose it's somewhat unusual that it's not, oh, TRUCKS! MONSTERS! BEARS! PUPPIES! like most manufactured stuff for boys, but that's what's awesome about it. It's something that will grow with him, for sure.

    I am in awe that you made such a beautiful quilt in ONE DAY!

    As for Torsten... he's learning. This is a classic New Dad moment that will live in your family lore forever! :)

  17. "Just a PSA." Love that. ;-)

    I think it's fantastic and I am super impressed by your quilting/sewing skill. Your baby is so lucky.

  18. What do we think of curly haired boys? We think they are even more adorable than that lovely quilt - which is SUPER ADORABLE.

  19. ohhh men ;-)

    that quilt is AWESOME. i was shocked when i read torsten's response, because it is UBER cute! and sophisticated without being too grown up.

    look at you, all domestic sewer-y! i'm jealous of your skillz.

  20. Oh I love that castle fabric! The whole thing is adorable!

    Oh JESUS, Torsten. JESUS. He has no idea the fire he's playing with up in here, and I'm pretty sure all current AND former pregnant women would be HAPPY to enlighten him.

  21. Bad call, Torsten! I for one, think the quilt is a-freaking-mazing. I think I remember you saying you could quilt, but man, still: awesome.

    Beautiful, beautiful. If you decide in the end to get rid of it, I will happily pay for shipping to Philly. I love it!

    Oh and I also love boys with curly hair. My (no longser so) little brother is one :)

  22. I think it looks fantastic and adorable! You did a beautiful job!

    And curly hair on boys? Yes. Oh, YES.

  23. My children both emerged looking so completely like their father it was doubtful whether my DNA played any role whatsoever. As they age, my daughter especially, they are starting to look slightly like me.

    I LOVE the quilt. I especially love the castle fabric, but I think the whole things is great and will be easier to cherish through the years because it isn't babyish.

  24. What was Torsten thinking? He better make up for that mistake the rest of the week! :-)

    I think that you did a great job! Piglet will definitely love it.

  25. 1) I can't stand super juvenile stuff for kids and babies, so I appreciate your choice of fabrics.

    2) I don't think men really get the signficance of a quilt - so I'd go with your gut - it's special to you, so it's special. Torsten just doesn't know what a baby quilt - especially a homemade one - means to women.

    3) Curly haired boys = so cute.

    4) I'm fascinated by lspoon's comment about babies being born resembling their fathers. Not Tommy, me from day one. But I am really interested in this...

  26. it's adorable.

    reminds me of the time we were at home depot looking at paint swatches and i turned into a big pile of blubbering goo when the hubby couldn't see into my brain and what i was envisioning for the jellybean's room.

  27. I think the quilt is lovely and I'm sure Torsten immediately realized his wrong turn the minute he made it. I'm way impressed with your sewing skills and want to know why you don't make stuff more often ... seriously lovely!

  28. I can honestly say that if I were shopping for a baby, I would be DRAWN to that quilt. As in: I would see it from across the room and feel compelled to cross the room to feel it and admire it and sneak peaks at the price and wonder "could it be MINE???". Really, I love the fabric, the colors, everything. Way to go!