Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slightly belated spring cleaning

So, I heart Rosie, and also her friend Kath. They were both so friendly and smart and funny and down-to-earth and I really enjoyed dinner and chatting with them. Seriously, they are awesome and I can't wait to get together with them again. I'm finally starting to feel like I have friends in Denver! And plus they are both very much in touch with the whole Denver blog scene so I am looking forward to future bloggy get-togethers.

Plus, it's already Thursday! Today I'm working and tonight I'm thinking about going to see Sunshine Cleaning, and then it will be tomorrow and tomorrow is the day that Torsten comes home! It feels like he's been away forever but it also feels like the week has gone by fast.

Yesterday I also (finally) unpacked and set up my office. The only thing left is to hang up some of the photos and art and my bulletin board, and then it will be ready for me to photograph to send to my boss (who wants to see out of curiosity and niceness, nothing else), and of course, show to all of you! There's even a rug in there, and Montana loves it in there because there's a window that gives her a perfect view into a tree that doubles as a popular squirrel hangout. It's really nice. I'm so glad I can work without being surrounded by boxes.

Also on the schedule for tomorrow: an oil change! And headlight adjustment and brake check. My life is fascinating, isn't it? But I feel so productive when I do stuff like this. And this oil change is way overdue, unfortunately.

The other thing that's making me feel productive is that I finally called our homeowners' insurance company and added my engagement ring to the policy, which means that I can cancel our old renters' insurance policy and get a bit of a refund, which will be nice. Plus, the new policy guarantees that if I lose my ring, they will cut me a check for the appraised retail value and let me use that to choose my own replacement ring. This is a huge step up from the old policy where all they guaranteed was that they would get you a similar ring for the cheapest possible price. AND the new policy is cheaper than the old one. I heart Geico. Even though I don't like their new ads with the pile of money nearly as much as some of their older campaigns.

Anyway, in case you can't tell, I am feeling cheerful and useful, and those are both good things. Perhaps today I'll tackle the master bedroom! It's the last frontier when it comes to not-yet-unpacked boxes. And I can organize the closets as I unpack. I'm such a homemaker! Right?


  1. Cheerful and Useful. . .two of my favorite feelings!

    What a happy Thursday.

  2. This is going to sound so cheezy and Mr. Rogers-y but sometimes its so nice to make new friends. And pftt, I love cleaning and organizing so I'm right there with you on that!

  3. Aw, nice post. I want to see your office too.

  4. I can say the exact same things about you, lady! Future bloggy- get-togethers are definitely a must :)

    (Go to Ignite Boulder! I would if I were going to be in town!)

  5. I love that feeling after I've done something productive like that. Like yesterday I cleaned both of the bathrooms. Joy. It sucked but it just feels nice to get it done. Even though I know I'll have to do it again soon. Ick. I'm glad Torsten is coming home soon and yes I would love to have dinner or something with you guys next week. :)

  6. Oh! You're reminding me of all the house cleaning we need to do this weekend! Gah!

    One thing our jeweler did for us was to take photos of our rings (engagement and wedding bands). That way, if anything does happen, we have something to work off going forward (assuming you'd want it to look remotely like the one you currently have).

    BTW, I about gasped when I saw you were just putting your engagement ring on your policy. I thought you went without all this time! =)

  7. I agree. The new Geico ads are not nearly as great as the caveman ones.

  8. I love unpacking, and especially love ORGANIZING.

    I told my therapist about how I gutted my work office and organized it and tossed stuff and got going on a GTD system. She smiled her ass of and said, "You loved it, didn't you?" I said, "Yes!"

    Have fun!

  9. Glad you're so cheerful! This post makes me want to clean the house and be productive.

  10. Hey Jess, glad all is well with you. So my question is, what do you do that allows you to work from home? You might have covered this already and I could find out by reading the archives, but frankly I am lazy.

  11. Glad to hear you're making friends! That's such an awesome feeling! Also, you should definitely go see Sunshine Cleaning - I liked it.

  12. True Story: I once lost my e-ring for a day when we didn't have insurance. It was horrifying.

  13. You DO sound homemaker-ish!

    I'm jealous, I can't wait until I have a house to organize and decorate and an engagement ring to insure.

    One day... one day...

  14. Yay for new friends also :-)

    I know how you feel about your incision. I had a partial hysto 2 summers ago and didn't wait the full 3 weeks my Dr. suggested before getting back into my workouts!

    My impatience resulted in several torn stitches which were #1-ouchy #2- pushed back my recovery.

    I second what Rosie says! You and Torsten MUST sign up for Ignite Boulder ( this Tuesday at 11 am).

    Finally, can't wait to meet Torsten & Montana...and see you again of course :-)

    Have a great weekend, Jess :-)

  15. I love it when I actually feel productive and know I've accomplished things that have been nagging at me.

    And yay for new friends! Although, seeing as you've been there only a few months, I don't think you need to worry about tacking the "finally" in front of that just yet. Give it time; you'll get there. :-)