Friday, April 18, 2008

Jess in Germany: Guest Post #5

Since Jess is in Europe and I used to live in Europe, I don’t think I could be any more qualified to guest post today.

What? That’s not the criteria for a successful guest post?


Oh, this is Nicole Antoinette from More is Better by the way.

And the thing about me is that I’m obsessed with cheesecake. Not just “oh, cheesecake is good.” Nope. I’m so obsessed with cheesecake that whenever it comes up in conversation, I have to take a few minutes and convince whoever I’m talking to that I Love Cheesecake More Than They Do And More Than Anyone Ever Has In The History Of The Earth. It goes something like this:

Unsuspecting person: “I had such delicious cheesecake last night.”
Me: “Stop it, I LOVE cheesecake.”
UP: “Me too! It’s the best! Definitely my favorite dessert.”
Me: “No you don’t get it. I LOVE CHEESECAKE. I’m serious, I love it. If you put it in front of me I can’t not eat it. No matter what. No matter how full I am and what time of day it is. I LOVE CHEESECAKE.”
UP: “Right… yeah, it’s really good.” (this is usually when they give me a strange look and try to change the subject.)
Me (not yet satisfied with their level of convincement* regarding me and cheesecake): “One time I ate an entire cheesecake by myself in one night. I just couldn’t stop, I’m that addicted.”
UP: blank stare

And yet despite having had many of the above conversations, I’m pretty sure that at some point I’ll get sick of cheesecake and move on. Because that’s what I do, I go through favorites (food, music, color- even people) in phases. And I don’t really know from moderation, I’m either all in or all out. I’m either obsessed or bored and totally over it.

That’s how it went down with the Raisin Squares.

I’m not even sure they make Raisin Squares anymore, but I used to eat them all the time when I was little. Basically, they’re like those mini wheats but with a raisin inside. And I could not get enough of them. My mom would leave them in the milk until they got soggy and soft enough for me to eat. And I loved them. I ate them every single morning for two years and then one day I just wasn’t feeling the Raisin Squares anymore.

And that was that.

Now? I hate raisins and can’t eat anything that has even been in proximity to a raisin. And the moral of the story is that I’m terrified of this happening with cheesecake, which yes, I know, is a pretty ridiculous fear given everything that’s actually going wrong in the world.

But what if I suddenly don’t like cheesecake anymore? What will I replace it with? What are other good obsession foods?! **

Maybe if I have a list of backup What to Do If I Start Hating Cheesecake foods I’ll feel better.

*I know convinement isn't a word. But it totally should be.
**Yes, I’m actually asking.


  1. Nicole, you remind me of myself. I do that all the time- force people to acknowledge that i am the best! the most! the most extreme!

    To answer your question
    1. chocolate ice cream
    2. these things made by Quaker called tortillaz, in the flavour called salsa or something
    3. apples dipped in peanut butter
    4. ice cream, seriously. ice cream is even better than cheese cake
    5. all dressed ripple chips- apparently these are only canadian? if so, you must move to canada STAT.
    6. chocolate milk
    7. sorbet
    8. frozen yogurt
    9. ice cream

  2. lfar- Please mail me said ripple chips. ASAP.

  3. How about cheese? There are enough different varieties out there to make it least for a while.

  4. bren j- Oh don't worry. I already love cheese. I mean, it's part of the word cheesecake, what's not to love! :)

  5. ok we've had this discussion about cheesecake before and we both know that I LOVE CHEESECAKE MORE THAN YOU. end of story. ;)

  6. I know your post was on cheesecake, but I'm stuck on the Raisin Squares. You know, I don't even remember the real name of those, because I was too young to actually remember... but still. Those were awesome, and I was obssessed.

  7. michelle & the city- Don't make me cut you.

    poodlegoose- YES! Someone else remembers those! And no, I have no clue what their real name was. It might have been Raisin Squares though. Or maybe that was just what my mom called them...

  8. i move for fondue as the next Dessert Obsession..

  9. alice- GREAT CALL. Who doesn't love dipping stuff in other stuff?! And oh the possibilities! Chocolate fondue, cheese fondue! Mmmm

  10. Lasagna as your next obsession. Try it out for size.

    "If lasagna is on the menu, I will always order it."

    "I like lasagna more than you."

    "I once ate lasagna for six consecutive dinners in a row."

    "I like lasagna so much, I should live in Italy."

    Etc. But I don't see how anyone tires of cheesecake. Stick with what works. ;)

  11. I like to mix my cheesecakes up so I don't get sick of it...
    turtle cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, oreo cheesecake (oh God), cheesecake with stawberries, cheesecake with blueberries, chocolate chip cheesecake, turtle cheesecake with strawberries...

    ok you get the idea. I've been loving cheesecake now for 10 years now. mmm.... cheesecake in fondue.....

  12. Pad Thai. It's not a dessert, but I could eat that stuff all day, all the time.

  13. lol@convincement

    THE answer.........

  14. ha, i love cheesecake toooo! i dont think as much as you, but i do dig it.

    and im the same way, all in or all out (that's what she said).

  15. So is the Cheesecake Factory like a holy pilgrimage site for you?

    My favorite food is watermelon. I can only obsess over it in summer, though, b/c out of season it's just...gross. But I do obsess over watermelon-themed items. For example, I recently saw a pair of watermelon pajama pants at Target and HAD to have them.

  16. Oh my, I have a few of those:
    1) Milk. If it is in the fridge, it will be gone within 2 days.

    2)Cheese (Shar cheddar, brie, goat, gruyere...the works)

    3) Tostitos with lime and GUACAMOLE (summer)

    4) Haagen Daaz "light" (TOTALLY FALSE) Caramel Cone ice cream

    5) I get crazy cravings for lemon bars

    6) No baked good can stay in my house. I will eat it until it is gone.

  17. homemade macaroni and cheese is my obsession food
    i love it

  18. 3carnations: The thing I don't like about lasagna is the beef. I'm not a huge fan of ground beef. I like vegetable lasagna though!! Mmm

    Christie: I think I'm too much of a purest for that. The most I can handle is fruit on the top, but even that is pushing it. I like my cheesecake to be alllll cheesecake. But as a dip for fondue? PERFECT!

    Rachel: Stop making me crave fondue! Jeez.

    Seven: I haven't had goo Pad Thai in SO long. I find that with Pad Thai, it's either great or awful, depending on the restaurant.

    Southern Sage: Hell. Yes.

    Brookem: Ha, all in or all out is the way to be. (that's what she said)

    Carrie: I'd totally buy cheesecake pajamas. Totally.

  19. TKTC: Guacamole is the shit. As is any and ALL cheese. (you and I would be glorious friends I think)

    Hillary: Omg yes. That would definitely be a close second to cheesecake. Hit me up if you need an amazing mac & cheese recipe. Seriously!

  20. Mmmm cheesecake. I like it but I don't love it with such a passion like you do.

    For me? I can't not eat peanut butter and chocolate combos. Especially pb & choco ice cream.

  21. I would have THOUGHT that I did NOT remember Raisin Squares, but in fact I DO! Didn't they also come in other flavors? I'm vaguely remembering.

    "Not yet satisfied with their level of convincement regarding me and cheesecake" = hilarious.

    I think brownies make a good obsession food, because you can keep messing with the recipe. I'm also fond of the "stuff in ice cream" category: crushed oreos in ice cream! walnuts and cocoa powder in ice cream! multigrain cheerios in ice cream! Etc.

  22. Sizzle: Peanut butter and I get along quite nicely. Everyday in fact.

    Swistle: You put Multi-Grain Cheerios in ice cream? I think maybe I love you.

  23. I love cheesecake too. Who doesn't? But your convincement totally worked on me. I believe you love cheesecake more than anyone else in the world.

    Ice cream should work. I eat ice cream everyday. Every single day.

  24. I have a really, really great recipe for New York style cheesecake... you should try it. It's super easy and super fabulous.

  25. I love cheesecake too, though not nearly as much as you. BUT, I can't eat it because with every delicious bite, I'm thinking how much fat and calories it contains, and how much bigger it's going to make my tummy. :-/ Guilt makes me not eat it. ISN'T THAT SAD?!

  26. OMFG. Look what I just found:

  27. Um, I can't BELIEVE this hasn't been suggested yet as a new obsession for you, but CHOCOLATE is what works for me. I'm currently killing a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips as I type. I find it pairs well with cheesecake, too, natch.

  28. i seriously seriously love cheesecake too. though your zealousness about it trumps mine.

    in fact, i baked two cheesecakes this weekend!! oreo and original. my cousin took a whole one home and i was a little upset i didn't get to take some of my goodness home from potluck. but you know, WHATEVS.

    and by whatevs i mean i'm so bitter right now.

  29. For me it was cornflakes. Used to eat it every day for breakfast. Can't stand the stuff anymore. Have replaced it with muesli.

  30. I can't think of anything that I have actually OD'd on. I guess my powers of addiction are THAT strong!

    Right now, I constantly crave strawberry Twizzlers. Mmm licorice. Since you're on the West Coast, Red Vines will also do the trick.

  31. Have to go with Swistle on the brownies. You can have regular brownies, fudge brownies, 70%chocolate brownies, cake-like-brownies (add an egg), caramel swirl brownies (slobber), brownies made from scratch, brownies from a box, bakery brownies (and you know hash brownies if you're into that sort of thing)
    So lots of options there.
    Have fun!

  32. Come to think of it- I may be a little obsessed with brownies myself.

  33. My obsession foods and pickles and cheese. I could eat an entire jar in one sitting, I swear.

  34. Um ice cream? Chocolate? Anything sweet. Peanut butter, too. And Cheerio's Oats Cluster cereal. And most definitely Edy'/Dreyer's American Idol ice cream line. YUM. And guess what?? They have a cheesecake flavor.