Friday, December 14, 2007

Save the Dates: Help!

With the wedding less than eleven months away, I've started thinking about sending out save the dates, especially since most of our guests will be traveling a long way and therefore need plenty of advance notice. Also, we don't have most of their addresses yet so thinking about the STDs (that acronym always makes me laugh) early has the double bonus of making me get everyone's address well ahead of time, too.

Anyway, I found a great site that has lots of pretty options, some with photos and some without, and the added bonus that it lets you type in your information and add your photo and see what they would all look like when you order them. I picked my favourite photo of Torsten and me together, even though it doesn't really go with the colour scheme, and then I personalized all the card options that came in purple.

And now I can't choose! I am totally stuck. So I need your help. Keep in mind that the wording is not personalizable--just the names, date, and location. So whatever it says is what we're stuck with. Also, you can click on all of the images to enlarge.

Option 1: This one has a nice shade of purple, but is it too... whimsical and swirly?

Option 2: It's pretty, but I'm not sure I like the font. And their wording doesn't have capital letters, so does that mean that I shouldn't capitalize our names or town? We definitely don't plan on doing that with our formal invitation, so would that be weird? Is this whole thing too plain?

Option 3: The purple is veering toward blue, which I don't like. But I do like the layout. Again with the whole lower case thing.

Option 4: First, please note that this card would also incorporate our last names, which is why the first names are so weirdly aligned to the left of the word "to." Now, is the design on the left too old-fashioned or something? Is the font for our names too swirly and scripty? I like this one because it doesn't include brown--not that I have a problem with brown, but almost all the other ones include a lot of brown, so this one is a nice change. Although the recipients wouldn't know that, I guess.

Option 5: I like the way the photo is incorporated and I like the font and layout. I'm not crazy about the flowers--they look kind of little-girl to me.

Option 6:

I like the circle thing a lot, and I figured out how to fix the lower case issue with this one.

Okay, what are your thoughts? Which do you like? Or do you hate them all?


  1. I think that my favorite is option 3. It just seems like you guys. After that Option 6---the circle is really cool and then the one with the daisies is my 3rd choice.

    I agree about #1 it is quite whimsical.

    My brother did the whole non caps on their wedding invite, and I just don't like it. I know it's a style that is popular but I can't get past is being WRONG to have all of the lowercase.

  2. My favorite is #3, second favorite is #2.

    I'm not crazy about the lowercase on the invitations (I'm too much of a grammar/spelling/punctuation person), but those are the invitations I think are cutest. If you go with one of those, definitely capitalize your names, in my opinion. :)

  3. I'm a simple kind of gal, so I vote for 2 or 3. They're all kind of rockin', though, so I dont think you can go too wrong.

  4. I like the second one, but that's just my style. Whatever you pick will be fabulous!


  5. Number 3 is my favorite. Photo save the dates can be cheesy, but that one is super tasteful and simple.

    I like #6 second best.

  6. #2 and #5 are my favorites. I don't mind the flowers on #5, and I like the picture.

    I like simple for a Save the Date dealie. I think they are a great idea, though. I have a wedding coming up in April, and I CANNOT remember the exact date. But, it is a wedding of a good friend, so I feel weird asking, because I really should know, and CAN'T SHE JUST SEND A STD ALREADY?

  7. I'm a fan of STDs (heehee) with photos. Ours were photo magnets. What about designing your own combining all of the elements you like best? I hear Vista print is good for this type of thing.

  8. i like 3 or 6. that was a hard decision. i dont think i like the first one at all though, personally. good luck!!! we designed our own - it was a magnet, maybe i should post mine?

  9. Oh man, I like them all for different reasons! I like:

    3 - Simple, yet incorporates a photo and I like the shade of purple. It just looks like a light lavender to me.
    5 - Also really nice, but it does look a little...childish?

    Not such a fan of:
    1 - It's kind of plain.
    6 - The circle reminds me of Excel pie charts.

  10. I really like 2 and 3. I agree that save the dates should be simple - you don't want too much going on that might clash with the invitation. Also, the non-caps is very trendy right now, and apparently I'm a big follower because I really like it. But, I only like it for the details, not the names. I also like combining complimenary, but different fonts.

    I like 2 because it's simple, yet nice, and I love 3 because of the picture. Save the dates with photos are so cute.

    Good luck!

  11. i do like all choices (certainly wouldn't receive any of those and be all "....oh. she picked THIS?") but i think my favorite is #2.. i like the simplicity of the layout. if you're leaning towards one with a photo, i like #5, despite the flowers. i think they're charming, and i am SO not a cutesy person.

  12. just read the comments - totally with stephanie about the excel pie chart in #6. i wasn't sure what exactly was bugging me about that one.. that was it!

  13. I like 3 and 5 best. The casual picture makes it less formal.

  14. I like #6 and #1.

    The "pie-chart" look didn't bother me at all and in fact, it was the one that stood out the most in a sea of scripty fonts and flowery design.

  15. 1, 4, and 6. Had to write that before I forgot!

    However, I think I may be more attracted to whimsical things, and that may not be your style so much (for 1).

    4 is sweet, but it does look a bit stationary-ish. I like it though - it's not a traditional looking save the date.

    6 is cool. It caught my eye. I'd wonder what the heck it was, and then I'd be like, "Oohhh. Sweet. I wanna go."

  16. OOoooh! Fun! I like number 3. It's fun and the photo makes it especially cool. But I also like the last one with the circle dealie. These are definitely prettier than my actual wedding invitations. You really can't go wrong.

  17. I think they are all tasteful.

    I like 3; it seems like you guys. Two is great as well, very clean, elegant but fun.

    I love #6, but that is the designer in me. I am not sure #6 fits you guys as well as #3 does.

  18. Oddly, I really like #1. I say oddly because I'm not really attracted to flowery or "elegant" things, but I just really like its simplicity and prettiness. They're all cute, though.

  19. Apparently, also odd because no one else liked that one. Shouldda read the comments first...

  20. Gah! Last comment, I promise. It's classy. That's why I like it. And weddings should be classy, even if they're a fairly casual and lots of fun.

    K, I'm done.

  21. I actually really love number 6, the last one. Its pretty fabulous. And theres something about 5 that is really pretty too.

    I like the lower case, we did those for the menus i designed for the restaurant this summer. Theres something nice and unobtrusive about it. I guess. Which is kind of ironic because my regular handwriting is all caps. Maybe thats why i like it?

  22. hmm, I like 3 & 5. Definitely like the ones with pics on them. Not crazy about the circle for some reason...

  23. um.. so I'm just gonna give ya my opinion on them all :)
    1. beautiful. i really like this one.

    2. I like this. simple. cute. however- the font at the top needs to be different i think.

    3. i agree- love the layout and the incorporation of a picture. can you change the colors?

    4. i reallly like this one. and not old fashioned at all. and the script goes with the feel of it. i'd keep the script.

    5. agreed. :)

    6. interesting. never seen one like this before. i'm not totally crazy about the black though. maybe a silver background?

    ok. there's my feedback. just my crazy opinion :) good luck choosing! i'm crossing my fingers for #4 :)

  24. I like the first one. Even though it's "swirly," it's very plain, simple, and direct.

    My sister's wedding was purple too and it was gorgeous and understated and wonderful. She had white a white bouquet.

    Just looked again. Nope. Still #1.

  25. I like the first and last options, or the one with the flowers and your photo. I think love is kind of whimsical and loopy, so in my opinion it's A-OK if your STD's look that way. Sorry I couldn't narrow it down much. I'm a terrible decision maker!

    Also: After finally thinking, HEY maybe this jess person who is always commenting on my blog has a blog of her own (brilliant deduction, right?) I found you! Awesome. :)

  26. option 5 has my vote.

    option 1 i like as well - so long as torsten's cool with the swirly-ness!

    i guess it kinda depends on the style of wedding you're going for and what the actual invites will look like

  27. Option 1. Yup option for sure. Love it!

  28. oh yay! i can use my designing skills for advice in the bloggy world finally! :)

    i love 2 and 3 the best. but something that incorporates the picture is a great idea. i love the idea of purple and brown together. very classy.

    p.s. if you need my help, let me know. i'd be happy to give you ideas.

  29. I like any of them. Why? because your wedding is on my birthday. congrats!

  30. My favorites are between 5 and 6. I like the idea of having the photo in 5 and if there isn't a photo, I like 6 the best out of the non-photo layouts.

    But they are all really cute! You have great taste!


  31. I like three and four the best!

  32. Gah. I love designs! This makes me want to whip up a bunch for my own non-existant-as-of-yet wedding! :)

  33. I like the second third or last. I love the brown and purple combo (it was our combo too!).