Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Germany: A stressed-out list

First of all, today is Torsten's birthday! I might possibly be more excited about this than he is, but still: Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you so much. And also, I really think you are going to like your birthday present. And then maybe you'll be more excited about your birthday. I'm sorry you're grumpy about not being in your 20s anymore, but I have six more years of it, so I'll be in my 20s enough for both of us. How about that? Sound like a deal?

Err, anyway. We are leaving for Germany tomorrow evening, going to the airport directly from work. Which means that today is the day for me to accomplish the following things:
  • Clean the kitchen and empty the trash so we don't get bugs while we're gone
  • Do many loads of laundry
  • Pack my smaller suitcase full of all the clothing I will need in Germany, including lots of warm clothes since apparently it will be cold at the North Sea
  • Fit my smaller suitcase inside my larger suitcase that I am bringing in case we do lots of shopping, so that I only have to drag one suitcase to my office tomorrow
  • Straighten our living room and bedroom and organize some things so that it won't be horribly depressing when we get back
  • Put together the birthday presents we got for his mother and grandmother (his whole family was born in November, apparently, except his dad)
  • Put our newspaper subscription on hold so that we don't end up with a huge pile of newspapers in front of our door, screaming, "Rob us!"
  • Send contracts to a DJ and a hotel for the wedding, and tell another DJ that we aren't going to be using his services
  • Collect wedding magazines to read on the plane
  • Figure out how we're going to get to the airport tomorrow, since DC's international airport is not on the Metro
  • Organize my desk at work so that people who need to use my computer to access Dreamweaver while I'm gone will not be surrounded by huge piles to the point where they can no longer see out
  • Write a huge section of a website for a client
  • Learn German
Also, you've all heard of the Autobahn, right? I always thought that it was just this one special road in Germany without a speed limit. But it turns out? That the word "Autobahn" refers to the entire highway system in the entire country of Germany, and none of the highways has a speed limit except in dangerous places or construction zones or whatever. Did you know that? Am I the only dumb one who thought it was just one road?

In any case, if anyone is in Germany next week and wants to look me up, I'll be the one hanging on for dear life in the Ford Puma that is doing over 200 kilometers per hour down the highway.


  1. huh! I thought it was just one road too!! oops

    Also, Happy Birthday to your sweetie!!

  2. I totally thought it was just one road.

    Happy Birthday Torsten!

  3. Um, your list? Is making me antsy! You have a lot to do. Have so much fun and happy birthday, Torsten!

  4. Happy happy birthday to your man, and I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip!

  5. Have a great trip, Jess! Your list doesn't look so bad... no problem!

    I thought that about the Auotbahn too, until I went to Germany and discovered otherwise.

  6. learning german in one day? you have high hopes! ;)

    and happy birthday torsten!

  7. I totally thought it was just one road too. Glad I'm not the only one!

    Happy birthday Torsten and have so much fun in Germany!

    Also, good luck on that whole 'learning German' thing today. ;)

  8. woo!! so exciting!! i sort of don't mind lists like that, because in the back of my mind i'm always going "well, i'm cleaning the kitchen so i can GO TO GERMANY!!!" and that makes it less sucky :-)

    fyi, there's a shuttle from the west falls church metro to dulles. it's like $9 per person? i think? and there's one every 30 mins. it's a big ol' coach bus so it's pretty comfortable and convenient, if a touch overpriced.

  9. Um. Oh. I thought it was...a race. Like the Indy 500. The Autobahn.

    Love the last thing on your list: Learn German. TODAY!!

  10. I like how you ended with "Learn German". THERE's STILL TIME!!!

  11. Have a great trip! I thought the Autobahn was one road, too. See if you can find the wedding magazines in German. That way you can peruse the wedding mags WHILE learning German, thus killing two proverbial birds with one proverbial stone.

  12. haha i totally didn't know that either about the Autobahn. I was in the same boat with you thinking it was just one long road without a speed limit.

    anyways- have a fabulous trip!!!and happy birthday Torsten! :) you better post lots of pics when you get back!! :)

  13. Hey, Jess, I'm just stopping over from the many blogs that we both read!

    I feel confident that you can learn German before your plane departs--perhaps you'll get stuck in traffic en route to the airport.

    Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!

  14. Happy Birthday Torsten!

    And the only way you'll really learn German is by just being there smack dab in the middle of Germany. Then, you'll pick it up lickity-split.


  15. Happy Birthday Torsten! I always clean the house before I leave for a trip. I hate hate hate coming home to a messy house.

    Also, good luck with list! You can do it (said in weird southern accent from waterboy).

  16. i feel totally misled about the autobahn. i thought it was one road, too. i can imagine Torsten looked at you like, "don't you know? silly american..." :)

    Happy Birthday, Torsten!

    Oh, and your list looks just like my list before any long vacation. Hate the pre-travel preparation. I wish i could just be one of those people who decided to go and just GO. Have a good time!!

  17. Happy birthday to your guy! And have a great time in Germany. You can totally learn the language in a day ;)

  18. Oooh.. that's a very fast highway. Have a great time!

  19. Ditto Stephanie about the eye! Holy crap, I could never get all that done in one day!

  20. Kay, that "eye"? Was supposed to be LIST. I do not know how that happened, other than I was typing one handed with a baby on my boob. But STILL...

  21. This is why I read your blog. So educational.

    Have fun being totally freaked out every time you're in a car! I would be... :) Fly safe!

  22. Good luck with the list. Don't freak out too much if you don't finish everything on it. In my experience these things usually work out anyway :p
    Have a great trip to Germany. I've tried driving on the autobahn in Germany and it was such a relief to get back to Denmark and I could slow down to 120km pr hour... they are insane!
    Have fun and I can't wait to hear more about the wedding

  23. I thought it was just one road too.

    My list before trips always looks like that too. Aargh. Good luck, and have fun in Germany!

  24. I thought it was one road too. Ya learn something new everyday!

    Good luck on learning German, in less than 24 hours. ;-)

  25. first...BREAK A LEG!!! and have fun!!!

    second...dont worry bout that autobahn thing..i thought the inner and outer loops were like completely different beltways..and i was thinking..ummm why do they need TWO beltways..that must be CRAZY traffic...

    third..happy b-day to your sweetie!