Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Five things, all tangentially work-related.

First of all, Blogger was down this morning, which was driving me crazy since 70% of my regular blog-reads are hosted by Blogger, and I like to read them in little spurts over the morning while I’m at work but taking a quick break from actually working.

Second of all, someone in the office left their cell phone at their desk and went somewhere, presumably the longest meeting ever, and while they were gone they missed a call, and now their phone is doing that constant little “missed call” beep and it is driving me nuts.

Third of all, while I was in a meeting earlier, a doctor left a message on my phone saying that he’d received an emergency page from this number and to call back as soon as possible. But he didn’t leave his number. So I hope that whoever was having an emergency is okay.

Fourth of all—wait, first I should provide a TMI alert. If you don’t like to read about pee, stop reading. Okay, fourth of all, the toilets at my new job are automatic flushers, but those things are sensitive. I mean, if you twitch at all, the damn thing flushes. It bugs me because I actually like to monitor the color of my pee. Is this a weird thing that has just horrified everyone into never reading my blog again? It’s just something that I do to check that I’m not dehydrated—if your pee has a high concentration of urochrome (pigment), it means you need to drink some water. So when the stupid toilet flushes instantaneously, I don’t get a chance to check.

Okay, the TMI is over now. So, fifth of all, I was just given a set of three paper wedding bells by this woman in my new office. Apparently the tradition here is that they are given to someone in the office who gets engaged, and that person keeps them until they get married and then passes them on to the next person getting married. This last woman actually got married in May, but nobody else in the office was engaged, so she was excited to notice my ring. I told her that I’m not getting married for over a year, but she said that didn’t matter, so now here they are, hanging on my bulletin board, and once I get married, it will be my responsibility to pass them on to the next person. How totally cute is that? Now I feel like such a part of the office.

Ahem. Anyway. Enough gushing about tacky paper wedding bells. I’m going back to work.

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