Thursday, August 16, 2007

The details, they are endless.

We had our tasting with the caterer last night, and the food was delicious. They even had these cute little hors d'oeuvres like tuna tartare with a sesame sauce and wasabi cream on a wonton cracker, and wild mushroom pastries. Plus the regular food that will make up the actual meal was really good and creative without being crazy. It's a big relief because they are the exclusive caterer for the venue we want to use, and their prices are really reasonable, so if the food had been bad we would have been stuck back at square one for both the venue and the caterer. So now one of the biggest issues has been taken care of.

We also picked a photographer (the same guy who did my sister's wedding), and he's giving us a discount as well. He also gave us advice on finding a secular wedding officiant, which is good because I'd been having trouble finding one online. Seriously, I recommend having your wedding in November because everybody is so accommodating and the prices are totally negotiable.

Anyway, so all the things that I was most concerned about for the wedding are squared away except for the DJ, but that will work itself out eventually, I think. So I was resting easy until Swistle pointed out yesterday that how I cut my hair now might actually affect how I wear my hair at my wedding more than a year from now. Who would even think of these things on their own? This is why I should never get a job as an event planner.

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