Tuesday, July 3, 2007

When I was little, I thought the word "bliss" was an adjective.

It feels like something exciting will happen soon. But these feelings aren't usually related to anything tangible. Maybe I'm just happy about the holiday in the middle of the work week and the change in weather from high 90s, humid, and unbearable to low 80s, breezy, and lovely.

Or maybe it's all the plans for this week... drinks tonight with Jill and then the late show of Rataouille with Torsten, an indoor fireworks-watching party tomorrow night, dinner on Thursday with Marya (an old high school friend), lunch on Saturday with Mandy and her boyfriend Trevor. And tickets to the semifinals of the Legg Mason Tennis Classic with Torsten and a couple of friends in August.

Or maybe it's all the sashimi I've had recently. Sashimi is one of the healthiest things you can eat if you're going to a restaurant so sushi dinners have become my new way of dining out with friends without compromising the Healthy Living Plan. This is a bit expensive but with the combined income thing we have going on now, it's manageable. And delicious.

Or maybe it's because our entire apartment is clean and organized, and it feels peaceful, and it's been cool enough at night to open the windows and I love that.

It just feels like there are so many possibilities for good and amazing things. And the best part is that even if nothing changes, even if all possibilities go unrealized, what I have right now is already good and amazing. I have moved beyond simple content to utter happiness.

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