Thursday, June 7, 2007

Unacceptable administrative oversights

Torsten just got a phone call from a doctor at the hospital where he had his surgery, saying that she just wanted to make sure that she had his positive HIV test on record correctly.

Let me clarify that Torsten is not HIV-positive. We both got tested for HIV last year, both of our tests were negative, and neither of us had engaged in risky behaviour before or since those tests.

But still. Imagine having a doctor calling you up and saying that to you. When he asked her what the hell she was talking about, she sympathetically informed him that during his hospital visit, they had done a routine HIV test and it had come back positive. Luckily Torsten had his wits about him enough to recall that when we were in the hospital, they offered him such a test, but he refused it, due to the aforementioned HIV test that he had undergone months earlier. When he insisted that she double check, she realized that his folder had mistakenly been placed on the wrong pile.

I understand that mistakes happen, and that things get mis-filed. But please, before you call someone up on the phone and tell them that they have an incurable virus that will eventually lead to their premature death, couldn't you just make sure that your information is accurate? Because once you've caused a heart attack on the other end of the phone line, "Oh, my bad" doesn't really cut it.

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