Monday, June 4, 2007

Nervous mishmash

I downloaded Google Earth last week and used it to check out my host families' houses in France and Senegal. I managed to pinpoint the exact house I lived in in each country. I have to say, seeing my old house in Dakar was particularly interesting, especially because I had never really seen a map of it before. You can't zoom in that close with Google Earth because the image gets blurry, but I could trace the exact paths I took to the student center, to my friends' houses, to classes at the university, and to my favourite beach spot. I could see the curves of the roads that I had forgotten that I remembered. I could see the colour of the ocean, unbelievably turquoise, but not unbelievable because I saw it myself and it really is that colour.

I am nervous and jittery right now, and thus having trouble concentrating. Torsten and I are thinking of buying a car. Would it be ridiculous to buy an impractical two-seater sports car because we both love it? My sister thinks so. I'm not sure I agree.

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