Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday weekend recap

Things I planned to do this weekend:
  • Write several work-related press releases and case studies
  • Clean up my bedroom and organize the closet so that Torsten has space for his stuff
  • Put together a resume for a friend
  • Do laundry
  • Help Torsten study for his DC license test
Things I actually did this weekend:
  • Put together a lovely 1,000 piece puzzle
  • Purchased five board and card games
  • Played three of them
  • Slept
  • Got a pedicure
  • Played ping pong with Torsten, my friend Matt from work, and an adorably sweet 13-year-old boy at a DC rec center
  • Watched three NBA playoff games
  • Had a great dinner at a hole-in-the-wall-looking Asian bistro
  • Wrote a couple of the press releases
Basically, it was a great weekend.

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