Thursday, May 17, 2007

The big and unexciting shock

So Melinda got voted off American Idol last night. Everyone seemed totally shocked by this, but I'm sure the producers of the show are thrilled, since she lacks broad commercial appeal. They showed video footage of the final three returning to their hometowns, and Blake and Jordin had masses of shrieky young people following them around, while Melinda had a sedate line of people on her old college campus, politely applauding. Blake and Jordin had obsessive teenage fans holding handmade signs that had obviously taken quite awhile to make. Melinda had quietly smiling middle-aged fans holding mass-printed signs that had obviously been handed to them. Not quite the audience that the American Idol producers are going for.

Obviously Melinda was the best singer, and it is unfair to her that she doesn't even get to be in the finals. But she wasn't that interesting, and her face didn't even change when she heard that she was going home... she just kept smiling. Professional, yes, but not exactly relate-able.

What really bothers me is that my crystal ball (the Washington Post poll) has finally failed me. I guess it was to be expected. I'm fairly certain that Washington Post readers don't make up quite the same demographic as American Idol voters.

The thing about Melinda being voted off is that even though she was legitimately the best singer left, nobody really seems sad to see her go.

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