Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Culture - serious and pop

There is an article in today's Washington Post arguing that conservative ideals of family values are impossible to achieve in a country organized around conservative economic principles. That is, the traditional model of the nuclear family as a married couple with kids has become much less common in today's society due precisely to the conservative economic model of unchecked free trade, outsourcing jobs, and diminishing unions, among other things.

Definitely an interesting thought.

On a less serious note, I was annoyed by the American Idol judges last night. They praised performances that I found lackluster (Blake, who wasn't bad but wasn't terribly energetic, Chris Richardson, whom I continue to find fairly dull but whom the judges inexplicably seem to adore, and Jared, whom I've never liked), and they tore up Chris Sligh, whom I thought was the best of the night by far. Also, note to Chris Sligh: You were great. You continue to be great. You are better than the other guys. So why did you APOLOGIZE to the judges for not "bringing it" the way you should have when they critiqued you? What happened to funny, sassy Chris Sligh? What happened to Chris Sligh the strategist? Don't admit your weakness. As you have learned already from the fact that A.J. left last week and Sanjaya got to stay, the voting public does not always agree with the judges. And the judges have no more power except to attempt to influence the votes (unless the show is rigged, of course). So don't apologize to them! Also, on a related note: Phil Stacey, you suck-up. Like I said, the judges are no longer in the driver's seat. Get over it.

Brandon and Jared are my picks to get voted off this week. Not because I necessarily expect them to go, but because I want them to be gone. And I swear it's not because they're the only two male black contestants left. I just don't find them to be very good singers. We'll see how it goes with the girls tonight.

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