Friday, March 2, 2007

A.J., I'll miss you!

I didn't like A.J. Tabaldo that much last week, but this week I thought he was great. And I am tragically sad that he got cut. It should have been Brandon Rogers, who is totally blah and doesn't even have a particularly good voice. Also, if Sanjaya blows it a third week in a row, he had better not make the top twelve. He was good in the auditions, but not that god damn good.

Also: Leslie got cut before Antonella? I mean, I figured she would get cut next week, but Antonella sucks. Yes, she's hot, and yes, I hear there are some pretty racy pictures of her floating around out there, but come on. Her voice sucks. It actually hurts me to hear her. She has to go. She just has to.

Also again: I already liked Sundance, but last night he was all fuzzy because he skipped the hair gel (thank god) and he adorably cried when everyone got cut. Now if he would just get rid of that heinous goatee.

Slight update to my list of favourites: I still like all the people I liked before (and I'm glad none of them got cut), although I didn't think LaKisha and Jordin were as good this week as they were last week. But now I have to add Chris Sligh to the list. I thought his performace this week was amazing. And secretly, I still really want Sanjaya to do well. So, the hope for next week is that Antonella and Haley will be the girls to go, and that Brandon and either Jared or Chris (probably Jared) will be the guys to get voted off. That would leave a top twelve of LaKisha, Melinda, Gina, Stephanie, Jordin, Sabrina, Blake, Sundance, Phil, Sanjaya, Chris Sligh, and Chris Richardson/Jared. Which is a pretty great top twelve.

Not that I actually vote in this thing. So I guess I shouldn't really complain when people I like get voted off.

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