Monday, February 26, 2007

This is not just because I happen to love purple.

At the risk of turning this into a pop culture blog (what with so many posts about American Idol already), I just wanted to say that Reese Witherspoon's Oscar dress last night was gorgeous, and she did a great job with her hair and makeup too. I won't go into details about the fashion horrors of the evening (excuse me, Beyonce? And Anne Hathaway?), but Reese was one of the only people who really looked good.

Also, as an honourable mention, Abigail Breslin was completely adorable in a rather unfashionable dress that reeked of ten year old girls choosing their own dress for the biggest formal event of their lives (though apparently she was in Jimmy Choo shoes and Harry Winston jewels, so she is obviously actually more fashionable than I am).

She looked really, really happy all night long, and was totally classy and composed during two difficult moments: 1) When her co-presenter, Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son, whose name is unfortunately long) tried to skip straight from the announcement of the nominees for the first award to the second award without announcing the winner of the first award, and 2) When Jennifer Hudson (deservedly) beat her out for Best Supporting Actress. She's only ten, but when the winner was announced, she smiled calmly and applauded, and looked like she really meant it.


  1. i know a lot of people who could learn some social grace from abigail breslin. and i'm going to forgive little mr. smith (whos name is too long, you're right) for his slip up on account of his incredible cuteness.

    what did we think of nicole kidman's dress? i almost liked it... and then there was the bow... but if anybody can pull off looking like Holiday Barbie, its her.... thoughts?

  2. Yes, Jaden Christopher Syre (I'm sorry, I just have to use all three of those names) can be forgiven because he is totally adorable, and when he lost his toy on the bus in In Pursuit of Happyness I actually cried. And he's only eight so he's allowed to make mistakes.

    I think you are exactly right about Nicole Kidman's dress. The bow was hideous and made worse by the fact that it went all the way to the floor and made worse again by the fact that it was in bright Christmas red so that she looked like she should have been hanging over the fireplace. But if anyone could pull that dress off, it's her, and she looked completely gorgeous despite the fact that I kept expecting Santa to arrive at any second.